Girl Handbook

Girl Handbook is a guide to the mind of the average Teenage girl, pre-teen, and even adult women. And the crazy hormones girls have. Girl handbook expresses the troubles of the average girl , Girl codes, and the things that normal teenagers just dont want to talk about! This is a book full of how to fit in, the troubles of moving, and how to go from the outsider to the leader. The ups & downs of mother nature. And how life just isnt fair sometimes.


2. Oh dear lord im... CRUSHING

Relationships vary from age, to looks, to height, weight etc. and every girl dreams of that Edward and Bella relationship.... But most end up like Jacob, Holding in your love when it would've been your only shot. But EVERY girl deserves to be happy. You just have to approach it lightly, and start off with a CRUSH


Crush Crush Crush

*This is an Example story preferred by the name of analogy* I was walking to class the first time i saw my crush his name was Danny and everything about him to me had F.I.N.E written all over it. His arms were like steel, hard as a rock. And every girl in school dreamed of feeling his solid abs.

Hmm... Okay . That's usually how Crushes start. Seeing a hot guy and drooling over him. But you Never EVER dream of telling him. And 9 out of 10 the dude has no idea who you are. So here comes our sob category


Most girls chicken out on this part. But trust me if you are REALLY interested in this guy you will do anything to go out with him. Making yourself known is the big object of the equation. Most teens are shy to go up to there crush. But if you do it naturally and calmly it will be over and done with quickly. *Analogy* "Your the one they call Danny Right?" "uhh Yeah." "Oh, I'm Ally" and she starts smiling.

See Easy as pie. but under No Circumstances do not say those three words! *Analogy GONE WRONG* "Uh yeah" "Hi Danny! Oh My God I Love You So much. Do you love me? I want to be with you forever Danny. We are going to get married and move to California!"

You gotta hold yourself together girl! But after your first encounter just play it cool and casually say hey to him every NOW-AND-THEN. But please wait to freak out after he isn't around.



After He actually knows your name. Try to get his number. or if he has a Facebook or something create small conversations with him. Do not over think the conversations it only makes it boring (Been there... done that) Become friends. Get to know each other. And after that if you still are crazy about him Flirt with him (There will be a chapter for flirting)



Tasha Muaah :) Hugs & Kisses .

P.S. Please Comment any suggestions for a chapter, any advice, opinions, and any problems.




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