Girl Handbook

Girl Handbook is a guide to the mind of the average Teenage girl, pre-teen, and even adult women. And the crazy hormones girls have. Girl handbook expresses the troubles of the average girl , Girl codes, and the things that normal teenagers just dont want to talk about! This is a book full of how to fit in, the troubles of moving, and how to go from the outsider to the leader. The ups & downs of mother nature. And how life just isnt fair sometimes.


10. My Bestfriend is a Dude!!??

Some girls, like myself, find that dudes are way easier to deal with that girls. Well Im gonna tell you the pros and cons of having a dude best friend


Yes! Guy BFF

1) They are easier to talk to

2) They don't spread rumors

3) They have the common guys opinion

4) They are strong and can help you open mayonnaise jars (lol random)

5) Tell you how guys think

6) make you understand the difference between douche bag guys, and sweet ones

7) Are always there

NO... Ugh! My BFF is a Dude

1) You can't Get your nails done with them

2) You cant go on and on about hot guys in front of them for too long

3) Your parents more and likely wouldn't let them sleep over if your young

4) People start to think you guys have a "Thing"

5) You or him may start to fall in love with each other

6) Its bad if you start dating him and he knows everything gross about you that a BF should NOT know you do.

7) He doesn't know what is cute and what is not cute!


It's kind of hard having a guy best friend and going out in public  because the average

person immediately assumes you guys are dating. And I'm pretty sure it gets annoying. But that doesn't mean you have to change your best friend. But the worst thing ever is that you start falling for your best friend. There are so many different things that can happen! There is that chance that he wont like you as a girlfriend, that chance that he doesn't want to be with you because he doesn't want to risk your beautiful friendship, Or He maybe knows Way to much about you, But all odds a side going out with your best friend could be a good idea. You know the real him, he knows the real you. There isn't that awkward silence in you guys' conversation because you two have talked like a million times. He will always be there for you like he was when you guys were only friends. And your parents already know him so you wont have to go through that "Mom and Dad meet my boyfriend Jason" talk.


When your Best guy friend has a girlfriend for some reason the girlfriend might not like you. I suppose some girls would find you as a threat in their relationship since you two are so close. And you hugging him, spending the night with him, texting and calling him at all times of the night... She could get jealous. And that results in her trying to get rid of you.


 Guy friends are fun, Falling in love with your best fried has its bad days, Staying clear of his girlfriend is a good idea, Becoming his GF's friend and complimenting her could be the reason you and your friend are still friends, Warn your best friend of GF cheating drama,

Sincerely, Tasha Muaah . Hugs -N- Kisses!

Comment if you would like to request a special chapter! also comment any suggestions, advice , or motivations , etc.

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