Girl Handbook

Girl Handbook is a guide to the mind of the average Teenage girl, pre-teen, and even adult women. And the crazy hormones girls have. Girl handbook expresses the troubles of the average girl , Girl codes, and the things that normal teenagers just dont want to talk about! This is a book full of how to fit in, the troubles of moving, and how to go from the outsider to the leader. The ups & downs of mother nature. And how life just isnt fair sometimes.


5. I Am NOT Jealous

Have you ever been called jealous before? I believe every person gets jealous at least once. Every girl that really is not ballsy enough denies it. But listen sally.. NOTHING is wrong with being jealous


*another Analogy* "Ew.. Look at her. Her hair is so bouncy and full of volume. She has no pimples anywhere on her tan face. I wanna tan. And look at her boyfriend... God, she makes me sick! I hate her -_- Uhhh!"  Haha...that's how most girls are and we do not even realize it!


Formula For Jealousy

A dash of insecurity, and pitch of envy = an undeniable gallon of JEALOUSY.


Jealousy ranges from jealousy of a friend, other girls around your boyfriend, girls calling your best friend their best friend (Uh! Gawd I hate that), Girls that may look prettier than you in your eyes, someones hair, someone's rebelliousness, or even someone's lifestyle

BUT! nothing and I do mean nothing is wrong with being a slight bit jealous... Unless you go all out to be someone you aren't. Be yourself! Something on someone may not suit you!


I KNOW that girl is not starring at my boyfriend right infront of me!

*Analogy* So you are sitting at a cafe with your boyfriend and you guys are having a little conversation and a girl is sitting across from you all. "Brandon!" "Sarah!" "Oh MY GOSH! I haven't seen you in like F.O.R.E.V.E.R. " and she gets up hugging your boyfriend. While in your mind your like I know this No good blah blah blah did not just cut me and Brandon's conversation off and hug him making a big scene and he didn't even acknowledge me sitting here! Uh! you roll your eyes. Who am I kidding he is probably cheating on me with her! she is perfect! flawless and her perfect blonde bouncy curls and that tiny skirt. I could never pull that off! Oh hell no she is gonna make me take my earrings off! "Sarah this is my girlfriend" "Lily this is Sarah, my cousin" *


LOL so In that analogy jealousy, envy, and insecurity over powered her trust in him Which is NOT good!

Personally, There is something I'm jealous about of all my close friends. Not jealousy as in my hating them just jealousy as in they have something I don't. For example one of my friends have perfect naturally long hair,I don't. One of them is very rebellious and adventurous, sometimes I'm not. But Life goes on and you have to live it up because you are young. And everyone is beautiful and you have something someone will want some day!

Moral: Be yourself, It's normal to get jealous, Jealousy in relationships mean you CARE.

Sincerely, Tasha Muaah . Hugs & Kisses

Please comment any suggested chapters, motivation, ideas, concerns, advice Anything! Thanks for reading Love!


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