Girl Handbook

Girl Handbook is a guide to the mind of the average Teenage girl, pre-teen, and even adult women. And the crazy hormones girls have. Girl handbook expresses the troubles of the average girl , Girl codes, and the things that normal teenagers just dont want to talk about! This is a book full of how to fit in, the troubles of moving, and how to go from the outsider to the leader. The ups & downs of mother nature. And how life just isnt fair sometimes.


1. Hey! Yeah You

Urm...... HELLO??? Ahh I see I've gotten your attention. Time to talk about the nitty-gritty, the down and dirty, The ancient secrets of the average girl. Perhaps just like Me, You, Her, My mom, that creepy girl from across the street, Even my gym teacher. But! Every girl Is completely different but every female has One HUGE thing that connects us all together that makes us the same. Noo.... not that. We are all Girls. We have thoughts, emotions, feelings, moodswings,cravings, and moods. And This thing, this manual Will tell You, yes you, how to fit in and Deal with it!

Hopefully we have'nt bored anyone yet. But This handbook will connect with every girl in their own sick way. It connects with the outsiders the preps, the emo(s), the insiders, the bullies, and the bullets (person that's being bullied) , the Gothics, the new kids, the nerds, and those average Jane(s).


Tasha, oxox Muaah

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