I'ma Monster! (Dahvie Vanity Love Story)

Hello my name is Alex. I went to one of my most favorite bands concert. Their name is Blood On The Dance Floor. I went there with 2 of my best friends. One was Anna and the other was Alex, My name but Alex is a guy. He has a major crush on Jayy Von Monroe. Anyways we went to their concert and while jamming out to their song 'I'ma Monster' Jayy and Dahvie invited us up on stage... Which meant... That we're going back stage...


1. But not for us

"Alex Anna!" My friend Alex shrieked.

"What?" Anna and I said getting ready for the concert.

Alex sighed. "Hurry-" He smiled.

"All right" Anna and I smiled.

About 5min later we were ready. We told Alex that we were and he smiled.We walked out to the car. Alex threw me the keys.

"You drive" He winked. Great.

We hopped in the car and I shoved the keys in the stupid car. I jammed it forward to make it start. The car lusted forward and I drove out of the drive way.

About an half hour later we arrived to the stadium where BOTDF are preforming.We hopped out and got in the line. Luckily we were really close to the Ticket person...Thing...

"Tickets please" This strange person said snapping me out of my thoughts. I gave him my ticket and entered


 the stadium with my friends. We walked in and we went to our seats. The show was about to start.

"I'm so exited!" Anna shrieked. I laughed.

"Me too! I cant wait to see Dahvie!" I giggled.

Alex hopped in also.

"I wanna see my Jayy!" Alex shrieked across the stadium. We laughed

That's when we heard music oozing from the stereos up on stage. Then Jayy and Dahvie walked out on stage. The song Ima Monster started.

"LETS GOOOO!" Jayy screamed.

Alex stood up and cheered.

"OH NOOOO" Jayy did again.

" Can't stop the tickles.
They call me Dr. Giggles.
It's o-o-o-off the chizzle
Fo' shizzle dizzle
I'm bangin' with the b-o-t-o-dizzle
with wiffles
'cause I dribble like I'm rubbing on nipples." Dahvie sang I cheered and sang also.

After that song Dahvie looked at the crowd.

"Hello my little monsters!" Dahvie winked.

The crowd screamed.

"Now-" Dahvie began.

"I'm going to pick 3 people to come up here! Okay?!" He screamed in excitement.

The crowd roared.

The song Happy Valentines Day came on and he searched the crowd.

We hopped up, waving our hands wanting him to pick us.

I saw Dahvie scanning the crowd looking for some one but his icy blue eyes froze on me. He gave a deviant smile.

"I think we found them" He said smiling and staring right at me still.

He hopped off stage and walked towards us.

"C'mon you three!" He smiled and he took a hold of my hand. The crowd screamed.

He walked us up on stage and we stood right next to him. well except Alex he stood next to Jayy.

"Well hello cuties!" Dahvie laughed. "What's your names Tell us about you all" He stared at me while he said it and at the end he gave me another deviant smile. 

Anna went first. She took a deep breath "My name is Anna" She smiled. "Nice" Dahvie smiled. "Where are you from?" He smiled.

"I'm from Here Florida" Anna smiled.

"Oh nice how old are ya?" He laughed and smiled.

"I'm 19" Anna smiled. Dahvie smiled and turned to Jayy and gave Jayy the mic.

"Now-" Jayy started, "What's your name cutie?" He asked my friend Alex. I saw Alex blush.

"My name is Alex" He said confidently and smiled. It seemed like he wasn't nervous but I knew he was dying inside.

"Cute" Jayy smiled. "How old are you?" He asked and smiled.

"I'm 18" Alex Smiled. Jayy did also.

"Cuuute" Jayy flirted. "Where are you from?" He asked

"Florida" He smiled. Jayy did also.

Jayy handed the mic to Dahvie and Dahvie turned to me smiling.

"Now-" Dahvie smiled, "Whats your name?" He smiled

"Alex" I laughed slightly. Dahvie's face lit up with a smile.

"Ohh cool, Like his." Davie turned around and pointed at Alex my friend.

"Yeah" I smiled. Dahvie did also.

"So how old are you love?" Dahvie defiantly smiled. The crowd screamed. I blushed

"I'm 24" I smiled. Dahvie's eyes widened.

"Wow" He said happily and winked.

He gave Alex, Anna, and I back stage passes.

"See ya soon!" Dahvie said and we were sent back to our seats.

They continued singing for about an hour and then the show was over...But not for us...

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