Jealousy (Harry Styles)

Makayla and Louis have been BFFs ever since birth. Literally. when they wer 5 they met Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. They were all best friends but they all Knew Makayla and Louis were the closest. Harry was always a player, even when he was in 3rd grade. Once Harry notices he likes Makayla he wont stop until he gets her. After a year in London for a soccer tournament he comes back and Makayla is a girly girl because of her new friends Adamari and Morgan. now he thinks Makayla is the most beautiful girl he has ever laid eyes on. Makayla never really wanted to let Harry in her life in that way. But she decides to give him a chance, which in her eyes was a HUGE mistake. Will Harrys past mess things up? Or will makayla trust him? Will Harry get jealose of her and Louis and how cloe they are? What will happen if he does get jealose? Read To Find Out!


20. Trying to forget

                                                              Makayla's POV

Harry was out with Megan. I didn't question it, since I trust him. Its been about a month since the 'incident', and I've been trying to forget about it, because I might not be pregnant. I decided to text Lou, if he wanted to come over.

' Hey boo, wanna come over?' I texted. It took him a while to reply, which isn't like him. It took like 20 minutes, and I was just sitting there watching an episode of Friends.

' sure, be there in a few.' He replied.

When he arrived, I didn't know he was brining Eleanor. I didn't mind, she seems nice. But what do I know, we've only talked once. " Hello, Eleanor!" I chirped. She gave me a smile. Lou seemed a little distraught. " Where's the restroom?" Eleanor asked. " Upstairs, the first door to your left." I answered. " Thanks." She said going to her destination.

I turned to Lou. " Lou, what's wrong?" I asked as he took a seat next to me. He sighed. " When you sent me that text, she kind of thought I was cheating, so we kind of had a fight, so that's why she came. She thought we were hooking up." He said before a deep sigh and hand running through his hair. " Oh. Why would she think that your cheating?" I asked. " Because, we always have pet names for each other, like boo, and babe and stuff." He answered. I nodded my head. " So, how bout we not talk like that, anymore." He suggested.

I have to admit. I like talking to Lou like that, because we're so close. Its funny as hell. but, I guess its understandable.

" Now that I told you my problem, you tell me yours." Lou demanded. " What?" I asked. " Dude, don't try to hide it, I cant tell there is something wrong. its been gong on for like, a month now. I know my Makayla. Your all loud and crazy and weird, but you've been really quiet." He spoke. I sighed and rested my hand over my head. " Ugh, I don't want to talk about it. Well, I do! But, I want to be alone when we talk. " I spoke.

I tell him everything! I cant let him not know this. I hope he keeps his mouth shut. " Alright, love. I understand." He said hugging me. Eleanor came down the steps and Lou released from the hug, rather quickly, I gave him a confused look, but he didn't make eye contact.

we watched a movie, and I felt like the 3rd wheel. I was the one to cuddle up to Lou. Always! They kept talking through the movie, and some giggling was heard, before Lou stood up. " Okay, we have to go now, Mickey. Bye" He said and waved. Where's my hug and kiss on the cheek? What if she was one of those, controlling and clingy girlfriends? I hope not. (  A/N I love El and Lou! Im not trying to trash talk her in anyway! just for the story.)

I was interrupted from my thoughts when a big pound in my head came. I groaned out in pain. I stood up and went to the medicine drawer. I grabbed 2 Advil and a water before going up to my room. Harry might not be coming home anytime soon, so I just decided to take the meds and go to sleep.



Sorry it was so short!!!!!

I know it sucked! Sorry but please comment anyway!

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