Jealousy (Harry Styles)

Makayla and Louis have been BFFs ever since birth. Literally. when they wer 5 they met Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. They were all best friends but they all Knew Makayla and Louis were the closest. Harry was always a player, even when he was in 3rd grade. Once Harry notices he likes Makayla he wont stop until he gets her. After a year in London for a soccer tournament he comes back and Makayla is a girly girl because of her new friends Adamari and Morgan. now he thinks Makayla is the most beautiful girl he has ever laid eyes on. Makayla never really wanted to let Harry in her life in that way. But she decides to give him a chance, which in her eyes was a HUGE mistake. Will Harrys past mess things up? Or will makayla trust him? Will Harry get jealose of her and Louis and how cloe they are? What will happen if he does get jealose? Read To Find Out!


5. The Date



                                                                Harry's P. O. V.


When I went home, Louis was fast asleep on the couch. It was about 4:30 and I guess he needs his beauty sleep. I made my way up the stairs to my room as quiet as possible so I didn't wake up Louis. I hopped on the bed and saw a letter. I furrowed my eyebrows and grabbed the envelope. On the front it said "Harry" in cursive handwriting. I tore the envelope open and read the letter.

'Dear Harry,

Hi. I'm so sorry for the way I've been acting. Its just because I have experienced a death in my family. My mother. She died last year. That's when I met you. I was messed up, going to clubs and getting drunk, Yes, I know you and I were a one night stand but everyone is bailing on me and I needed to let this out. I was hoping we could get together and talk or something.

                                                                                                - Megan'

I read it and a flash back of the day I left came into my mind.


I got out my car because I forgot my phone in my house. I was about to leave for London. I went inside and grabbed it and then went outside to my car when I noticed Megan standing at my car. "Hello Harry" She said and gave me a hug. I widened my eyes. "Megan, what are you doing? we were just a one night stand! Even you said it yourself" I said. She looked bewildered. "yeah I just came over to see if you were just saying that." she replied. "well I meant it." I said walking to my car door only to receive a kick in the balls. I winced in pain. "That's what you get bitch!" she screamed and ran off.

                                                                           -FLASHBACK OVER-


I felt so bad now! I turned the page over to thankfully see her number. I dialed it and it rang. "Hello?" she said. "Hey its harry. I got your letter and maybe we can meet up now at Starbucks?" I asked. "ok great!" she replied and I hung up. I put new clothes on since I've got ruined ones on. After that I left and got in my car and headed there. She was already seated at a booth.  "hi" I said ."Hey" she said. Then we made small talk for a while.



                                                                      *1 day later*



                                                                           Makayla's P. O. V.


Morgan and Adamari were here helping me get ready even though I insisted to do it alone. "ok girly!" Morgan said as she threw the outfit on the bed. It was a purple long shirt with a half black leather jacket over top of it. Then black skinnies and black leather boots. I put it all on and then Adamari did my hair. She straightened it. "thank you this looks great" I said hugging them both. By the time I was done it was 4:50. Yay I have 10 minutes to spare! I jumped onto the couch and Morgan and Adamari scolded me. "what" I asked. "you cant wrinkle your outfit! or mess up your hair!" they both said in unison which caused us to laugh. "I'm not going to do any of those things." I replied. "ok." they both said.

 After a while there was a knock on the door. Before I could get there Morgan and Adamari were already holding the door open for Lou and Harry to come in. "hi!" Lou said hugging me. " Hey" I said. "Hey Harry" I said as he gave me a hug. "Hi babe." Harry said into my ear which made me blush. Oh Harry..... you better not hurt me. "Now Harry, repeat what I told you in the car ride to here." Lou said. Harry chuckled and looked down. "no not right now" he said blushing. "HARRY!" Lou yelled. Harry let out a sigh and then looked at him. " keep my hands to myself." He said looking down. I laughed and he looked at me and chuckled. "ok bye now, love." Lou said. "byeee" I said waving my hand to all of them. We headed to the car and Harry opened the door for me. I raised my eyebrows as I got in. "What a gentlemen" I said sarcastically which made him laugh. He got in on his side. "So, where are we going?" I asked. "to the movies." he said not taking his eyes off the road. "what movie?" I asked. "ermm, I shouldn't say" he said looking at me. I gave him a glare. "tell me!" I said. " no! you will make me turn around." he chuckled. "please" I said making a pouty face. He chuckled before he said "nope." popping the 'p'. I then gave up and soon we arrived at the movies. we got out and headed in. " a scary movie!" I screamed as we sat down. He laughed and then said "yep". " I am going to kill you in your sleep! you know I'm scared of scary movies!" I squealed. He then put his arm around me and said "Its okay, ill protect you" as he smirked. I took his arm off me and placed it back on his lap. "naa its ok." I smiled sarcastically which made him laugh.

In the middle of the movie a ghost popped on the scream which made me jump towards Harry. It was an instinct. He looked down to me and put his arm around me protectively. It was so nice just sitting there in his arms. I leant back in my seat and continued the movie. Then when there was a silent creepy part I felt someone close and then I heard "BOO" whispered in my ear. I screamed and saw Harry laughing his arse off. I slapped him on his muscled chest playfully. "shut up that wasn't funny!." I whisper/yelled. he looked at me holding in his laughter and shook his head and said "no it wasn't.". Then he burst out laughing again.

When the movie was over we went back to the car. "Thank you so much for giving me nightmares for the rest of my life!" I yelled but I wasn't mad. He said " No problem, but you know I could sleep with you tonight so your not scare-" but I cut him off by giving him the hand and saying "how bout no." and laughed. He sighed playfully and said "ok but the offer always remains.".  Then we started the car and headed back to my house.


                                                                   Harry's P. O. V.


When we got to her house she said "thank you" and gave me a hug.  " no problem love." I replied. Just when she was about to open her door, I grabbed her hand and made a pouty face. "where is my kiss?" I asked. "I don't know, you tell me" she teased. " I don't kiss on the first date, you should know that Haz. " she said. "to bad. because I do" I said quickly and kissed her on the lips. She was shocked at first because she didn't kiss back but then she did. This kiss was filled with passion unlike my usual ones filled with lust. Our lips moved in sync. Honestly, this was the best kiss I have ever had and I never wanted it to end. Sadly, she pulled away. She was trying to hide her smile like always. She always hides her smile and is really insecure because of what her stepmother used to say everyday for literally 8 years straight until her father finally divorced her. I took her hair with my hand and pushed it behind her ear. She looked down and blushed.  "bye Harry." she said opening the door. "Bye, love." I replied. she closed the door and walked up to her door. I waved and then left.

That was a very nice kiss. I've always wanted to do that! Now today I finally got  to. I had a whole bunch of what I think are called 'butterflies' in my stomach. It felt good, being able to kiss the girl of my dreams. It was better than I imagined! I couldn't help the smile on my face.

I crashed on my bed because I was exhausted! I couldn't get rid of the tingle on my lips! It was great! No other girl had this affect on me. Is this love?



                                                                             Makayla's P. O. V.


I couldn't get rid of the smile on my face. My lips were seriously tingling still. When I threw my boots off into the corner, Lou ran in the room. "Mickey!!!! Tell me everything!" he squealed. I sat down on the couch and told him everything....even the kiss. "WHOA! I told that boy not to do anything. he is in trouble when I get home" he yelled. I giggled and said "no its ok." . "wait.... wasn't that you're first kiss?" He asked more serious now. "other than you, yes." I said.


"Mickey we should try it and see if we feel anything." Lou said. It was his 5th birthday. "okay" I said and we both leaned in. We pecked each others lips. " I didn't feel anything. You" I asked. "nope." He replied then we hugged and walked inside to play 'just dance'.



We both let out a chuckle. " but this is a big deal. This is you're FIRST ACTUAL kiss!" he squealed and hugged me. "" I'm so proud"  he said. "did you have you're FIRST ACTUAL kiss yet?" I said imitating him when he said FIRST  ACTUAL. "yes, my pillow." he replied. I let a laugh escape my mouth and he gave me a glare. 

Maybe Harry and I do have a chance. If I do fall in love with him, what if he just uses me? but I doubt that Harry would do that to his best friend. He loves me as a friend already and same as me. 

 I skyped Morgan and Adamari and told them everything. They gasped and squealed. But every once in a while I would see our camera and see Lou holding up bunny ears over me and I would have to smack his hand, but not to hard.

I closed the laptop and Lou left to go home since it was getting late. I cant believe I kissed Harry.



                                                                          Louis' P. O. V.


 I cant believe Harry was Mickey's first kiss! Omg!!!! My babies are growing up. (my babies are Harry and Mickey in case you didn't know)

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