Jealousy (Harry Styles)

Makayla and Louis have been BFFs ever since birth. Literally. when they wer 5 they met Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. They were all best friends but they all Knew Makayla and Louis were the closest. Harry was always a player, even when he was in 3rd grade. Once Harry notices he likes Makayla he wont stop until he gets her. After a year in London for a soccer tournament he comes back and Makayla is a girly girl because of her new friends Adamari and Morgan. now he thinks Makayla is the most beautiful girl he has ever laid eyes on. Makayla never really wanted to let Harry in her life in that way. But she decides to give him a chance, which in her eyes was a HUGE mistake. Will Harrys past mess things up? Or will makayla trust him? Will Harry get jealose of her and Louis and how cloe they are? What will happen if he does get jealose? Read To Find Out!


21. Sickness

                                                            Makayla's POV

When I woke up, Harry's arms were wrapped around my waste. His light snores, filling the room. I was knocked out of my thoughts, when I had the urge to throw up. I quickly ran to the bathroom, not really caring if he woke up, and let it all out. I was struggling to hold my hair up by myself, as another great amount of throw up escaped my mouth. Suddenly, someone held my hair up and was rubbing my back. I knew the touch was Harry's. I let more throw up escape my mouth until I was done. I groaned and fell to the floor, my back hitting the wall. " Im sorry Harry." I said, shakily. " Mickey, babe, its fine. Be right back." He said and went to who knows where. Soon enough, he came back with a water bottle and some medicine.

" Okay, now here, have some medicine." He said pouring it onto the teaspoon. I shook my head no, and made a disgusted face. " C'mon, you have too. It'll make you feel better." He said, trying to convince me. I shook my head no again. " Its the nasty kind. " I defended. He read the label. " No, its strawberry flavored." He said, reassuring me. I chuckled. " Please, babe." He begged. I groaned. " Fine." I grunted. " Here comes the airplane. Swoosh!" He said, imitating an airplane sound and making it fly and everything. I took the medicine and swallowed it and made a bitter face. He laughed at the face. " Good girl." He said and leaned in for a kiss, but I pushed him away. " That's disgusting! At least let me brush my teeth." I said. " At least let me brush my teeth." He mocked me, in a high pitched girl voice.

" I don't sound like that." I said in the middle of brushing my teeth. The headache was coming back. He chuckled. He wrapped his arms around my waste and rested his head on my shoulder.

" So when did you start feeling sick?" He asked. " Well, last night I had a bad headache." I said. "Ok." He said. " Carry me to bed." I ordered. " Yes, ma'am." He said and picked me up bridal style. He walked me to bed and laid me down on it gently. " Thank you." I muttered as he tucked me in.

" No problem, my love." He said and kissed my forehead. " Can you stay?" I asked. " I'd be delighted." He said all posh like making me giggle. " My throat burns." I complained. " I have an idea, stop talking. It will help." He said jokingly. I glared at him as he got in the bed next to me. He chuckled and said " Im just trying to make you feel better.". He pulled me close to him but I groaned in pain when he put pressure on my stomach. He quickly released. " Im sorry." He murmured. " That sucks, cause I was expecting something tonight." He said seductively and kissed my neck.

He still didn't know. I didn't want to have sex, if I was pregnant.

" Who said you were getting some, tonight?" I teased jokingly. " Well, I think we both know, you cant resist me when im shirtless. " He began and nibbled at my neck making me giggle. " And when I flex my muscles, you go crazy. We both know it." He whispered, and nibbled at my earlobe. I moaned as he keep nibbling at my neck. He flipped me over so he was on top of me. " I want you so bad right now." He moaned. " N-Not now. I cant." I said. He gave me a disappointed look. " Ohhh! Its your time of the month?" He questioned. I decided to go along with it. " Yeah." I breathed. " You should've just said so. I love you." He said and pecked my cheek. " I love you, too." I muttered. " I'll go and get some movies for us to watch. Want me to call Lou to keep you company?" He asked. " Yes. Thank you babe." I said and he leant down and left a lingering kiss.

" Okay, I am going now. 'll be back faster than you can say Harry is the most sexiest human being in the whole universe and I cant help how horny he gets me." He said. I busted out laughing and laughing and laughing. He smirked. " Okay, bye." I said. He said bye back before leaving.

Before I knew it, Lou was here. That was quick. " Aww, Love! My Mickey is sicky wicky?"  He pouted and climbed in bed with me. I nodded. I rested my head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me. " Im surprised Eleanor didn't come with you." I blunted. " Yeah." He sighed. " Do you like her? Because if you don't, im sorry for hooking you guys up." I giggled. He pulled away from me. Making me confused. " Makayla, I fancy her a lot. " He said. I knew he got upset because he said Makayla instead of Mickey. " Okay, im sorry. Its just that.... never mind." I said regretting what I was going to admit. " What?" He asked. " Nothing. Forget it." I replied. He sighed.

Eleanor has been with him for about 2 months now, and she's making him ditch me sometimes. She's not letting us use pet names for each other, and I can tell she doesn't like me by how close me and Lou are. I didn't want to say anything because I didn't want to ruin the relationship I started. Its my fault. Now Lou and I cant be so close anymore.

" do you want to tell me what's been on your chest for the past month now?" He asked, changing the subject. I sighed before nodding.


I am so sorry if its to short. But COMMEN NYWAY PLEASE!!!!!!


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