Jealousy (Harry Styles)

Makayla and Louis have been BFFs ever since birth. Literally. when they wer 5 they met Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. They were all best friends but they all Knew Makayla and Louis were the closest. Harry was always a player, even when he was in 3rd grade. Once Harry notices he likes Makayla he wont stop until he gets her. After a year in London for a soccer tournament he comes back and Makayla is a girly girl because of her new friends Adamari and Morgan. now he thinks Makayla is the most beautiful girl he has ever laid eyes on. Makayla never really wanted to let Harry in her life in that way. But she decides to give him a chance, which in her eyes was a HUGE mistake. Will Harrys past mess things up? Or will makayla trust him? Will Harry get jealose of her and Louis and how cloe they are? What will happen if he does get jealose? Read To Find Out!


2. Harry is coming home!


                                              Makayla's P. O. V.

Today i woke up to a tex from Lou. Like always. Lou always wakes me up for important things, mostly school, but we are in the middle of spring break. Lou is waking me up because our principal is letting us use the school for a 'Welcome Home' party for Harry. He i coming home from a soccer tournament in London. Anyway i looked at my phone and read the text. "hey boo, wake up u sleepy head!" it said. We are REALLY close so we talk like that. But never in our entire lives would we actually like-like each other. yes that is what i said, like-like. "k im up" itexted back. i threw the covers off of me and got up. I hate mornings, im not ever going to be a morning person. I trudged to my bathroom. I took a 15 minute shower to wake me up and so im presentable. i throw my towel around me while i brush my teeth then head back to my room. im going to wear something cute but caual for the party.i decided on red skinny jeans, striped red and white shirt and red Toms. i looked at myelf in the mirror, and smiled. I looked like a girl version of Lou. Now that i have my outfit on, now its time for my hair. I guess i will straighten it. i took the straightener out and started on my hair. After about 35 minutes of straightening my hair looked good. Now make up, i dont like make up that much but all i put on is lip gloss. the reason i dont ever put much make up on is becaue my mother always told me "you are to beautiful for make up, you dont need it." i whispered to mylef what my mother has always told me. I tried my best to hold back my tears. The thing is, my mom died in a car crash when i was 9. My dad, Lou, and i were VERY devestated. Then about a year and a half later my dad found another girl who i never did and never will like. But that story isnt for now. I went downstairs and made some cereal and after a while Louis' car was here and we headed to get Morgan and Adamari.




                                                              Morgans P. O. V.


This is the morning Harry is coming back from his soccer tournament in London. YAYYY! Im such a morning person its weird. i litterally jumped out of my bed and ran to the bathroom for a quick hower and teeth brush. After about 30 minutes i went to my room and picked my clothes out. Galaxy half shirt purple long hirt underneath and black skinnies and galaxy Vans. i Love thi outfit so much. I pulled my hair up and put a purple head band on. A little eyeliner and mascara and then my look was complete. i grabbed my purse and went to the kitchen. I grabbed toast and butter and that was breakfast.Mmmm. Eating remind me of Niall. haha yes i have a GINORMOUS crush on him, and everyone thinks he ikes me back. I hope. Right when i wa done eating and wiping my face i hear the car horn honk. i walked out and locked the door since my mom and dad are at work. I walked to the fairly large car that can fit around 8 people. "HI Louis, Mickey(nickname for makayla), Zayn and Niall." i wave. Louis and Makayla were up front, Niall and i were in the middle, then Zayn and Adamari will it in the back and Liam. In the back there are three seats. "hi morgan!" Niall screams and hugs me before anyone could say hi back. This made me chuckle and i saw Mickey and Louis makiing these weird faces to each other and then look at me and Niall. Niall and i blushed. "Hey morgan wassuuupppp girrllllfriieeennnd?" Louis and Makayla said exactly at the same time which made all of us laugh. "nothing much" i replied.



                                                            Adamari's P. O. V.


Since ive always been a early bloomer i got up with no problem. i went to the bathroom and did everything i had to do and then walked to my room. I picked out my new outfit. Its a yellow half shirt with a white shirt underneath an black skinney jeans. i Then put on some Nike sneakers on. i let my hair flow down, because i have natural black curly hair that everyne says its pretty. then applied some eyeliner and headed to my kithen. I cant beleive its been a year without Harry. Makayla and Louis are going to flip. Literally. when they get excited it gets dangerous. While eating my bacon i was thinking of Zayn. Zayn loves bacon as much as i do and i think we al know thats a lot. EVer since i met Zayn i always thought he was hot. But its not just his appearnence its his personality that i love! The way he is just go with the flow..... it makes my heart flutter! I am not the shy girl ok. Im very LOUD. and Out there. im not shy around the people i like. Out of no where there was a car horn interupting my thoughts. i quckly wiped my face and ran out t he door. "Hi" i said to everyone. "vas happenin" zayn said as i sat next to him and Liam. "nothin" i answer. Then we were on our way to the school.



                                                   Louis' P. O. V.


Mickey was wearing the same outfit as me! No body was surprised though becuase we always do this. Since every one was in there own conversations me and Mickey were talking. "so how long until we get there" Mickey the impatient girl asked. "in just 5 minutes, love." i said. We lived  so close to the school we could actually walk. I pulled in the parking lot and glanced at the time. "ok guys Hazz will be here any minute we hve to get in there and hide to surprise him" i inform everyone. " i was setting every thing up last night" liam states. " ok " we all said. we all got out the car and ran to the door, which me and Mickey were racing. "haha i won!" i said like a 5 year old. she stuck her tongue out at me, you should know that me and Makayla are really immature that its funny. i walked over to her and put my arm around her shoulder. we walked in and everyne hid. "shhh" i said becuse people were whispering. nobody obeyed my commands, time to pull out the big guns, "mickey do our thing" i told her and she nodded. "EVERYONE SHUT THE HELL UP!" she yelled. Everyone suddenly got quiet and Mickey smiled at me and i smiled back. Mickey likes cursing when she is mad or to get people to listen. after about 20 seconds of waiting, Harry walked through the door. "hello" he said. "SURPRISE!!!!" we all yell. he jumped a bit because we frightened him a littile. I ran the fastest to hug Hazza i was the first there. "Hazza i missed youuuuu!!!!" i scream as i jumped to hug him. He laughed and said "i missed you to". Then everyone ran and hugged him. Mickey was the last one. "harry!!!!" she screamed as she ran and huged him. "Mickeyyyy!!!" he yells and hugs her. Lets just say they were hugging for a fairly long time. I ran to Mickey and pulled her away from him. "She is MIne!!!!! SHOO!" i shooed hary away jokingly.



                                                 Makayla's P. O. V.


I cant beleive how differnt Harry looks. Now instead of the mess of curls he has his curls in a quiff. Kind of like Zayn's but smaller. He had the most beautiful gren eyes that always hypnotized me. it was funny because i cought Harry staring at me a few times in just 5 minutes when people were talking to him. "How about some Music!?" Liam yelled and blasted the music up. The song ' Trouble ' by taylor swift was on. we all started dancing.



                                                                     Harry's P. O. V.


That was really Makayla Zane. THe girl that was a total tomboy befre i left. Now she is all girly which only makes her more beautiful then she was befoer. Ive always had a slight crush on her but nothing major. I couldnt keep my eyes off of her. She cought me a couple times looking at her but i idnt look away i just stared. i Smirked at her and she just rolled her eyes and went to talk with the girls. She always said she doesnt like players and thats all i was. Bu i have changed over the years. im willing to give up all my player ways for her. She is beautiful on the inside and out. And i always loved how she is super sensitve and hilarious, how much her and louis are alike. This party is going to be fun. Mickey and i ARE going to dance and have fun.(not in that way you sexy imaginations) Heee hee this party is just getting started.


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