Jealousy (Harry Styles)

Makayla and Louis have been BFFs ever since birth. Literally. when they wer 5 they met Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. They were all best friends but they all Knew Makayla and Louis were the closest. Harry was always a player, even when he was in 3rd grade. Once Harry notices he likes Makayla he wont stop until he gets her. After a year in London for a soccer tournament he comes back and Makayla is a girly girl because of her new friends Adamari and Morgan. now he thinks Makayla is the most beautiful girl he has ever laid eyes on. Makayla never really wanted to let Harry in her life in that way. But she decides to give him a chance, which in her eyes was a HUGE mistake. Will Harrys past mess things up? Or will makayla trust him? Will Harry get jealose of her and Louis and how cloe they are? What will happen if he does get jealose? Read To Find Out!


15. Going back to school


                                                                Makayla's P. O. V.


Ugh! I hate school. I read the text Lou sent me to wake up. I replied with 'im up' and went to the shower. I washed my hair and did everything I had to do and got out. I dried my hair a bit with the towel and then air dried it. I picked out an outfit. High wasted denim shorts and a white flowy tank top. I put my hair in a quick bun as I put my make up on. I put some lip gloss on and added foundation and mascara. Then I put my hair in a waterfall braid.

I texted Lou that I was ready and he said he will be there any minute. I waited an waited until he came. I walked out and I saw Harry and Lou with Ray bans on, trying to act cool. Haha. I saw them both pull there shades down on there nose and eye me up and down. Lou gave me the look that he approves and I laughed. Harry winked and I blushed. " So im sitting in the back today?" I said jokingly sitting down. " Look babe, there is only one of me, I know im the most awesomest and sexiest thing your eyes ever laid upon but you have to share me, okay? Thing you can manage?" Lou said jokingly. I rolled my eyes. " No im the sexiest!" Harry slapped Lou in the chest playfully. " Who's sexier?" Lou asked. " Hmmm.." I teased Harry. He glared at me jokingly through the mirror. " Harry" I said. Lou gave me a glare.

"So, do you like Eleanor? You guys been hanging out ever since we hooked you up." I asked. He smiled. " Yeah. She's cool." He answered. " Did you get it in?" Harry asked as if I wasn't there. I reached over to him and slapped him upside his head. He chuckled. " No" Lou answered chuckling.

We arrived at school, in our usual parking spot. We had looks at all the cars as if we were royalty. I noticed a cool new car. I never saw it before. "It looks like someone is new" I announced as I walked hand in hand with Harry and Lou. " That's a nice car." Harry said and Lou agreed. We got to our lockers and I noticed Zayn and Ada, talking and her blushing a lot. Then Morgan and Niall talking also. I got my stuff out my locker and was ready to start my day. I still had about 10 minutes until the first bell. I decided to just sit on the floor and talk to Harry. Lou went somewhere. " This isn't a good day." Harry said out of nowhere. " Why?" I asked confused. " Well, obviously your to oblivious to see almost every guy staring at you, undressing you with there eyes and staring at your legs." He said. I blushed. " Harry. No one is staring. Chill out" I said chuckling. But when I looked around people were. " Yeah see" He said through gritted teeth. " Ill nock each and every one out." He said, going to stand up. I grabbed his hand.

" Don't you think that since im yours, and by the looks of it, people are 'undressing me with there eyes' you could show off by showing that im yours." I smirked. He pulled me up. " See! That's why I love you! You have such great ideas!" He exclaimed, kissing me. I noticed pairs of eyes on us. A lot of girls giving me glares. I smile at them sarcastically. Harry chuckled and wrapped his arm around my waste. " Looks like people are jealous." Harry smirked. " Im just that hot, aren't I" He said. I rolled my eyes. " Cocky today?" I asked laughing. " Well its true isn't? Im hotter then everyone here. Point to a guy that's hotter." He said confidently. I looked around and saw a boy I haven't seen before. He was goo looking. " Him " I said pointing him out. ( Cory montieth ). " WHAT!? Not uh." He said. I giggled and kissed him.

Then the Bell rang.

" Okay. Lets go to hell!" I said trying to make it enthusiastic. e chuckled and we walked down the hall to English. We sat in the back. He sat behind me, Lou to my left, and no one to my right. We were all deep into our convo's until the new kid walked in. All eyes directed on him. " Ugh, Hello." He said to the teacher. " Hi. Go take a seat, Cory. Next to hmmm, Makayla. Raise your hand." She said. I raised my hand and he smiled as he walked down to sit next to me. He kept his eyes locked onto mine. " Be careful, She's taken, pretty boy." Harry said and leaned up and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I giggled and blushed. " Oh sorry. Your really lucky. She's beautiful." He replied to Harry. I blushed again. " Thank you." I said. " Yup I am lucky. " He said proudly and I turned around and gave him a peck on the lips. " He's Harry." I informed. They shook hands. " And he is the idiot best friend im stuck with and I love." I said pointing to Lou. Lou gave me a kiss on the cheek as well. " Im stuck with her." He says giving me a fake disgusted look making me laugh. " Shut up." I said jokingly. " I'd be glad to be stuck with you." Cory said out of no where. I heard Harry couch. " Im sorry, but if you keep flirting with her like that. Then we're gonna have a problem." Harry said.

Uh oh.

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