selena's secret admire

selena gomezis dateing justin bieber ,but what happens when she finds out she has a secret admire?
what happens when selena's closes friends cher lloyd,taylor swift,and ariana grande come in to play?
zayn malik is dateing pierre edwards what happens when he find out she's cheating?


2. he dosent know

I am currently dating Justin Bieber,he's amazing. Best boyfriend you can ever have.He's kind,sweet,and caring.i seriously love him to pieces.

Right now i was checking my fan mail.I always get a lot of fan mail ,but i like it i feel like that's how i can communicate with my fans! I love my fans and they love me and that's more than enough to make my day complete each and everyday.I guess that's why im always in a good mood because of my wonderful fans.

~~~~~~~5 hours later~~~~~~~

I had went threw a lot of mail and i was i decided to check twitter.The only news there was was that apperently zayn malik was getting cheated on by his girlfriend perrie edwards.That wasen't surprising since i heard that she's just using him for fame.Also since little mix only had one hit song 'wings'(or whatever its called) they need more fame since they want to be to the top that's why she's pretending to like zayn but,he thinks that she actually likes him.not true.I just hope he dosent get crushed when he finds out the truth.Zayn is a close friend of me and Justin and I don't want him all depressed.Hopefully he will find out soon by himself.

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