selena's secret admire

selena gomezis dateing justin bieber ,but what happens when she finds out she has a secret admire?
what happens when selena's closes friends cher lloyd,taylor swift,and ariana grande come in to play?
zayn malik is dateing pierre edwards what happens when he find out she's cheating?


5. getting the letter


I was just going through more fanmail when i heard a knock on the door.

'it's open,come in' i said

'sorry to interupt you ms.gomez,but we recieved a letter for dosent say who its from.'

'ok thank you i look it over dont worry'i replied


what thats wierd that theres no name on it.i decided to open it anyways.

~~~~~~~~~~~~after i read the letter~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

well that was strange but sweet all i have to do now is find out who its from...

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