Hawking's (Finished)

Short Story

Alex is 20. Studying Film Making, while working at Pixar. Blond hair and green eyes, fair skin, and average height.

Hunter is 18. Senior high school excellent student and the quarter back of the school. Dirty blond hair and blue eyes, fair skin and average height.

Benni is 17. Junior high school excellent, but rebel student, hip-hop dancer and the national champion of boxing. Chocolate hair, aqua eyes, tanned skin, and a bit taller than average.


2. Chapter 2


"Who was supposed to make breakfast?!" Benni shouted as she sat on the table.

"Not me." Hunter said sitting next to her. "I think Alex."

"ALEX!" Both Hunter and Benni shouted.

"What?" Alex asked entering the kitchen. "Shit."

"Yes." Benni said. "You had to do breakfast."

"We're running late." Hunter said. "You're doing breakfast tomorrow."

"Practice?" Alex asked before his brothers left.

"Same as always." Hunter replied.

"I have a boxing match today." Benni said. "Are you guys going to come?"

"I can't Ben." Alex said. "I have to present the draft tomorrow."

"Hunter?" Benni asked.

"We go together." Hunter replied, making Benni smile.

"See you for dinner." Alex said and his brothers left.


Hunter and Benni walked to school talking about anything that it occurred to them. The relationship this two had, was the relationship all parents wanted their kids to have; yes they did fight and everything, but nothing lasted for ever because they love each other.


Alex was on the other hand working on his sketch; he had the idea yesterday night as he saw Hunter and Benni playing video-games together. His sketch was about two brothers who saved the world. While he was working, he laughed innerly at the thought that the inspiration he needed were his brothers playing violent video-games.


"Mr. Hawking." Michael heard a sweet voice calling from behind.

"Yes?" Michael asked turning around.

"Could you please give me your autograph?" a young boy, around 10 years of age asked.

"Sure. Why not?" Michael answered signing the kids paper. "For who?"

"Nicola." The boy answered.

"There you go Nicola." Michael said. "Have a nice day."

"Thank you Mr. Hawking."



"Are you nervous?" Joe asked Benni as she prepared for her match.

"Sorta." Benni answered. "I did some research on the kid, Jacob, he is the freaking national star back in Canada!"

"You're way better than him Ben." Joe said. "You're the freaking national star here in the States!"

"Shut up Joe." Benni said drinking water.


Hunter was sitting at the benches waiting for Benni's match. He was sure that Benni would win. She was the national star. He still remembers when Benni told Michael that she wanted to become a boxer. Michael didn't want, but Benni still went to practice without him knowing, and when she started winning, Michael finally agreed.



"Alex." Mr. Dot, his boss, called.

"Yes Mr. Dot?" Alex asked.

"Are we done with the draft?" Mr. Dot asked. "Or do you need more time?"

"It will be done by 9:00pm sir." Alex answered. "I'm just finishing the animation of a character."

"Ok Alex." Mr. Dot said. "Not a minute late."


Mr. Dot left Alex to keep working on his character named Ben, in commemoration of his sister.



"1! 2! 3!" The referi shouted. "BENNI WINS!" He added raising Benni's arm.

Benni smiled proudly, and then ran to hug her brother, who was beyond happy to see her sister win. After the match Benni grabbed her backpack and walked back home with Hunter. It was pretty late, and they had to cross a really insecure street, but they did it anyways, they were taught to never be afraid. Benni and Hunter were talking about the match when they passed by some teenagers.


"Hey there hot girl." One of the boys said.

"Come with us and we'll show you heaven." Another one said. Benni ignored them and kept walking, on the other hand, Hunter didn't. He turned around and stepped in front of the boys.

"What did you just said to my sister?" Hunter asked burning in anger.

"That I'm going to teach her who her daddy is." The boy said with a smirk just before Hunter knocked him out.

A fight just started and Benni went back to help her brother. She was fighting with another guy, when she heard a gun shot and saw Hunter laying on his own pool of blood. 

"NO!" Benni shouted and knocked the guy out before throwing herself next to Hunter. "Please Hunter! Please don't leave me!"


"Calm down Benni!" Alex shouted calm down and talk.

"Hunter's dead." Benni said containing her tears.

"WHAT?!" Alex shouted. "WHAT?!"

"We were walking back home, some idiots said something stupid to me and Hunter knocked one out, then I was fighting with the other one, but the last one had a gun and shoot him before running away." Benni explained.

"Where are you?" Alex asked as he shoved the draft and the usb into his boss' office, trying not to cry.

"Cargo Street." Benni whispered. "But cops and ambulance are here."

"I'm on my way." Alex said. "Don't move and call dad."


Michael was in the middle of an important reunion when he got a text message from Benni.


From: Benni :D



Michael excused himself and went outside waiting for Benni's call. Soon enough he was answering.

"What happened?" Michael asked as soon as he answered.

"Hunter." Benni said chocking on her tears. "Hunter's dead."

"WHAT?!" Michael shouted. "How did this happen?"

"We were walking back home, some idiots said something stupid to me and Hunter knocked one out, then I was fighting with the other one, but the last one had a gun and shoot him before running away." Benni explained once again.

"Where's Alex?" Michael asked.

"On his way." Benni answered.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Michael said before hanging up and bursting into tears.



Benni sat down on the sidewalk. The cops were taking pictures of the crime scene; they had already taken the other two guys. Benni was mad, and she swore that she was going to fund the responsible of his brother's death.


"Ms. Hawking." A cop said.

"Yeah?" Benni asked.

"Do you remember how the other person looked like?"


"Would you mind describing him?" 

"Not at all." Benni answered.

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