Hawking's (Finished)

Short Story

Alex is 20. Studying Film Making, while working at Pixar. Blond hair and green eyes, fair skin, and average height.

Hunter is 18. Senior high school excellent student and the quarter back of the school. Dirty blond hair and blue eyes, fair skin and average height.

Benni is 17. Junior high school excellent, but rebel student, hip-hop dancer and the national champion of boxing. Chocolate hair, aqua eyes, tanned skin, and a bit taller than average.


1. Chapter 1



"Get out of the bathroom!" Benni shouted as she banged the bathroom door. "You're not the only one who lives in this house! And you're not a girl to stay for 3,000 hours inside!"

"Geez Ben." Hunter, her brother said opening the door. "Bathroom's yours." 

"Fucking girl." Benni said loud enough to make her brother chuckle.



Hunter walked down to the kitchen finding his brother Alex stuffing pancakes, while his dad fried some bacon. 

"Damn Alex." Hunter said sitting down on the stool next to him. "Leave something to Ben."

Alex swallowed his food before answering. "Ben will not have breakfast." 

"Why?" Hunter asked grabbing some pancakes.

"Because." Alex started.

"Hunter took an hour and a half inside the bathroom and took my time." Benni finished as she sat on the table.

"Good morning honey." Her father, Michael, said serving her some bacon.

"Morning father." Benni answered. "Any plans for today?"

"Yes." Michael answered. "I won't be home for the rest of the week."

"Why not sir?" Hunter asked.

"I have to meet with the mayor in Texas." Michael answered. "So Alex, you can bring home your girlfriend to help you out."

"Got that kids?" Alex said. "I am in charge."

"Yeah, only because you're 20 still living with your father." Benni said making everyone laugh.

"Rules." Michael said.

"No father..." Hunter whined. "Really?"

"Yes Hunter." Michael said. "Rule number one?"

"No parties." Alex, Hunter and Benni answered at the same time.

"Two?" Michael said.

"Obeying to everything that Alex says." Benni and Hunter answered.

"And rule number three?" Michael asked.

"No burning the house down." All the kids answered.

"Farewell." Michael said. "I'll see you kids Friday."


Michael left the house, while his two sons and daughter finished having breakfast. He got into the limo and went to the airport.

Michael was no politician, but he was someone that everybody looked up to. He was one of the richest man, also a generous one. Michael helped the government with money, and with machine supplies, and that's why he's going over to Texas, living his kids on his own. Michael's wife had sadly passed away due to cancer when Benni was barely two.



"Hunter." Alex said as he finished his juice. "Do you have any sport practice today?"

"Got football." Hunter answered packing a snack.

"What about you Benni, anything after school?" Alex asked.

"Got hip-hop and then I've got to go to boxing." Benni answered grabbing all her bags. "Bus?"

"Nah." Alex said. "Hop. We are leaving now."


Hunter, Alex and Benni got in the car and drove to school. Alex dropped off his brothers and then drove over to work.


Alex is 20. Studying Film Making, while working at Pixar. Blond hair and green eyes, fair skin, and average height. 

Hunter is 18. Senior high school excellent student and the quarter back of the school. Dirty blond hair and blue eyes, fair skin and average height.

Benni is 17. Junior high school excellent, but rebel student, hip-hop dancer and the national champion of boxing. Chocolate hair, aqua eyes, tanned skin, and a bit taller than average.


Once inside school Hunter met with his girlfriend Emily and they walked together to class, on the other hand Benni went straight tot her classroom and chatted with her classmates.


Michael arrived to the airport and when he was boarding the plane he got a text message form an unknown number.


From: XXX

"Is it safe to leave your kids alone?"


Michael was in shock and couldn't understand why would someone threaten his kids...


Hunter was waiting anxiously for the last bell to ring. He was was expecting today's football practice, it was going to be interesting. The coaches from some universities would be here to see them play. That was an opportunity he could and would not miss.

Benni was no cheerleader, but she would surely enjoying practicing with them when hip-hop classes were cancelled.


"Ben!" Hunter shouted as he saw her sister laughing with his girlfriend Emily, whom was a cheerleader.

"What?" Benni asked walking over to her brother.

"Didn't you have hip-hop?"

"Yeppers sweet peppers." Benni answered. "But they canceled it, so I'm going to practice with the cheerleaders."

"Oh, okay." Hunter said. "But you're not coming home with us?"

"Noppers dark choppers. I have boxing afterwards."

"Is Alex picking you up?"

"Dunno." Benni answered. "I'll probably walk back home like always."

"Ok." Hunter said. "Text me the details."

"Sure will do." Benni said and walked away.



Alex was currently creating, well, thinking about a new movie. He was sketching a new cartoon when he got a text message from his father.


From: Michael the Father

"Don't let Benni walk back from boxing. Pick her up."


That was a weird message, Benni usually walked back home on daily basis. Yes, they were rich and everything, but Benni didn't want a car, Hunter had one but was currently at the mechanic, and so well, Alex had to take them to school. He texted his father that it was okay and the he would. He later texted Benni telling her not to walk back home.


"Punch harder!" Roger, Benni's boxing trainer said. "Benni punch harder!"

"Yes sir." Benni said, punching harder making Roger wince.

"Better." Roger said. "But I need you to focus Benni."

"Yes sir."

"Tomorrow is coming another boy." Roger said. "You're gonna fight against him and win."

"From where is he?" Benni asked.

"Canada." Roger answered. "And he's now going to be part of our gym."

"Of course." Benni said and kept boxing.


Hunter was really happy and proud about his football practice. Four out of the five Universities had told him that they wanted him. He wanted to share those news with his father and brothers. He quickly changed and got a ride back home.



"So we have a deal." Michael said shaking the mayor's hand.

"Yeah we do." The mayor answered. "Mr. Hawking. It was a pleasure."


Both the mayor and Michael left the conference room. The Mayor went back to his house and Michael went to the hotel. Once there he called his sons, to check on them.


"Hello." Benni answered with an agitated voice.

"Sweetheart." Michael said.

"Oh! Sup dad?" Benni said. "DAD'S CALLING." She shouted to her brothers. 

"I just sealed a deal." Michael said. "What about your day?"

"Well, school was boring as always, I practiced with the cheerleaders and tomorrow I'm boxing against a canadian dude."

"That sounds fun." Michael said. "Did Alex pick you up?"

"Yes." Alex answered taking the phone from Benni. "Why did you asked me to do that?"

"Because I'm not home and Joe didn't have any practice today." Michael answered. "Don't worry about tomorrow."

"Ok." Alex answered.

"Well, I have to go." Michael said. "Tell Hunter and Benni that I love them."

"Yes sir." Alex answered. "Goodnight."

"Night." Michael answered and hanged the phone.

"I WANNA SPEAK WITH DAD!" Hunter shouted coming out of the bathroom.

"Too late." Alex said. "He just hanged up. What did you wanted to tell him?"

"I got spotted by four out of the five Universities, that went today." Hunter said.

"No way!" Alex and Benni shouted at the same time.

"Yes." Hunter said very proud. "Next week another group of Universities will come."

"Well the Hunter." Alex said. "Play your best."

"Of course." Hunter said walking up to his room.

"Is Sophia going to come today?" Benni asked.

"Yeah, she's bringing dinner." Alex said. "Go play, I'll call you and Hunter for dinner."


Benni showed thumbs up and went up to her room. Hunter was doing his Math homework when he received an email from his father:


From: hawking@hcorp.com

"Dear Hunter: 

Sorry I could not speak with you, but your brother texted me saying that four out of five Universities spotted you. I'm very proud of you son. Choose wisely and know that you have my full support.




A smile came to Hunter's face knowing that his father was proud and that he would agree in whatever decision he made. 



Alex was watching the news, waiting for Sophia to show up with some Take-Away food. He had a sketch book with a pencil in hand, just in case inspiration stroke at the moment. Something got his attention back to the television when he heard that a young by had lost his life, when a bullet went through his heart his heart. It was a devastating news, the boy was Hunter's age and Alex did not know how he would react if something bad happened to either Hunter or Benni. His thoughts were interrupted by some gun sounds and some words being shouted. He left his sketch book on the couch and went upstairs to investigate.


"DIE!" Benni shouted. "COME ON BASTARD! DIE!"

Alex laughed and shake his head, taking a seat next to his sister. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm playing." Benni answered. "WHAT?!" She shouted as the words: GAME OVER, appeared on the TV.

"New game?" Alex asked.

"Nah." Benni said. "I'm hungry."

"Me too." Hunter said coming out of his room. "Food?"

"Sophia is bringing it." Alex answered as the door bell rang.

"FOOD!" Hunter and Benni shouted running down the stairs to open the door. Sophia laughed as she entered the house. She had always loved coming to Alex's house, it was totally different from the house she lived in. This house was full of love, happiness and craziness.

"Hungry much?" Sophia asked as she kissed Alex.

"Hungry beasts." Alex answered.  Sophia and Alex made their way to the kitchen were Hunter and Benni were already eating and laughing. 

It was the scenario almost all families wanted...



Michael was typing an email to his company, when he received a strange email, just like the text, from an unknown source.


From: XXX@hotmail.com

To: hawking@hcorp.com

"You've got another star kid. First Alex, being spotted by Pixar and now Hunter being spotted by almost every University that has seen him. And what about Benni? I haven't forgotten about her. She's a boxing champion. A house full of champions al alone... It would be a tragedy if something bad happens to them..."


Michael immediately called his agent friend and told him about the text message and the email, he asked him to please track down who was sending him those messages.


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