What Lays Beyond

I have to escort people to the afterlife joy, I'm sure that's a huge turn on for girls. Dating a guy who for a living escorts ghosts to the dead. Then again there's that girl, Liana, she always tries to get to know me. But my parents always have hated her. It's impossible for me to fall in love, I'm an escort I get assigned a wife. But, what happens when an escort falls in love?


5. The Antique Shoppe

   "Welcome to the Antique Shoppe. How may I help you?" I said my headphones blasting Arch Enemy into my ears at the highest volume possible not really paying attention to my shift.

    "We'd like to donate a few clothes. What should we do with them?" A voice I recognize said sharply.

    "Uhm... You call that a few?" I look at the pile of clothes the vampires were carrying. Liana gave Hailey a look but said nothing.

   "When your closets as old as mine you call this a few." Liana said laughing a little bit. Her laugh was familiar from all the times I'd seen her with her friends in school. It was actually kind of cute.

   "So what's with the donation?" I asked as I carried the pile of clothes to the store room. Damn this girl had a lot of clothes.

   "Well first off to clear out my closet for a shopping spree tomorrow. Second to make sure you tell absolutely no one about today. If the vamps find out Li helped you, well this Alpha would become an Omega in a matter of seconds." Hailey said leaning against the counter threateningly. So that's why she's so popular. She's the Alpha. No wonder.

  "I just want to say for a luman you're not awful so do me a favor? Pleaseeeee?" Liana begs giving me puppy dog eyes.

  "Fine. I won't tell your damn vampire friends. Don't you have to go feed or something or like get it on with some vampire guy? And not bother me?" As I led them down back.

  "Yes. No. And No. Just because the books describe us as crazy lust driven creatures doesn't mean we are." Liana said glaring at me. I put my hands up in self defense. Maybe these Vamps weren't as bad as they seemed.

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