What Lays Beyond

I have to escort people to the afterlife joy, I'm sure that's a huge turn on for girls. Dating a guy who for a living escorts ghosts to the dead. Then again there's that girl, Liana, she always tries to get to know me. But my parents always have hated her. It's impossible for me to fall in love, I'm an escort I get assigned a wife. But, what happens when an escort falls in love?


8. Movies

 "Li I'm so excited! I can't believe your going to the movies with him!" Hailey squealed as I picked out an outfit for the movies.

 "Oh! Who are you going to the movies with?" My mom asked popping her head into to my room.

 "No one mom. Just some guy I met a while ago. Anyways both of you need to calm down. It's not a date and we're just hanging out." I said picking out my favorite sneakers.

 "He's really different from her usual standards and he's really hot in my opinion. Not preppy though. Not usual Li standards." Hailey piped in. I glared at her. Shut up Hailey. Please just shut up!

 "Oooo! Is he a vampire, fae, fairy, nymph, or what?" My mom asked. I wanted to face palm. Good going Hailey, good going.

 "No mom. He's not anyone or anything special. He's just a kid who used to go to my school." I say glaring more fiercely at Hailey. She bites her lip and nods.

 "Oh. Well that's not exciting." My mom said pouting. I roll my eyes as I check my outfit. Black beanie, New York city leggings, black off the shoulder Green Day shirt, and silver wedge sneakers. Not so extremely suspicious.

 "I have to go. Movie starts in thirty minutes and I still need to get there. Coming Hail?" I asked her. She nodded. We walked leisurely to my car.

 "Okay. I'll go to the movie. You sit way behind us and you can spy!" I squealed once we were a couple blocks from my house.

 "I know!" She said squealing right back. Once we finally arrived, I walked into the movie theater. Hailey followed a few paces behind. But with my luck, well I don't have luck.

 "Hey Liana!" Stamler called. God damn it Sam. Natasha your brother needs to be restrained! Oh wait. Natasha's not here.

 "Hey." I said giving him a pearly white grin. Go away. Go away. Go away.

 "Want to come see a movie with us?" He asked. No, no, no.

 "Sorry Hailey and I are seeing something. Bestie time ya know? Anyways we got to go get tickets! Bye!" I said pulling Hailey behind me to the ticket booth.

 "Three tickets for "Frozen" please." A voice behind me said. For a second I froze up but then I realized it was only Adam.

 "Hey. Sorry about Hailey tagging along. Uhm we kinda needed to get rid of other Vamps earlier." I said shyly.

 "Don't worry about it. Now  lets go see that movie!" He said grabbing my hand and pulling us into the theater labeled "Frozen." Oh this should be fun.

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