What Lays Beyond

I have to escort people to the afterlife joy, I'm sure that's a huge turn on for girls. Dating a guy who for a living escorts ghosts to the dead. Then again there's that girl, Liana, she always tries to get to know me. But my parents always have hated her. It's impossible for me to fall in love, I'm an escort I get assigned a wife. But, what happens when an escort falls in love?


6. Modern Day Romeo and Juliet

 "So you really choose to believe all the stereotypical things people tell you? That Vampires are sparkly lust driven blood thirsty killers?" Hailey glared at Adam as did I.

 "Seriously, you believe that BS. Okay first of all we do not freaking sparkle people. Only fairies and faes and sometime the occasional nymph sparkle." I say before getting my rant interrupted by Adam.

 "Wait you've met fairies, faes and nymphs before?" Adam asked obviously confused. Lumans didn't like to associate themselves with other magical creatures did they?

 "Yeah. It's just escorts have problems with most magical creatures, especially us vamps. It's kind of hurtful you know. It's like sure we have our stereotypes of escorts but you know how many more there are for Vamps? You'd be surprised. And seriously Twilight does not help us out. At all. It actually made it more dangerous for us. So think of yourself as lucky." I ranted a bit before stopping.

 "You know  Liana you're not awful. Neither are you Hailey. So why do our parents despise each other so much?" Adam said staring at me and Hailey as if searching for a reason to dislike or hate us.

 "Our parents are both clan leaders. Mine the Alpha vampires, yours from an endless hierarchy of Lumans. They were destined to hate each other. Just like you and whoever your arranged with and me and Leo or Stamler depending on who becomes Alpha male are supposed to hate each other. Right now I'm not supposed to even acknowledge your existence." I said explaining the rivalry between the Mortsons and my family. Hey now that I think about me and Adam, we could be a modern day Romeo and Juliet. And you know what, that wouldn't be that bad.

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