What Lays Beyond

I have to escort people to the afterlife joy, I'm sure that's a huge turn on for girls. Dating a guy who for a living escorts ghosts to the dead. Then again there's that girl, Liana, she always tries to get to know me. But my parents always have hated her. It's impossible for me to fall in love, I'm an escort I get assigned a wife. But, what happens when an escort falls in love?


1. Liana Ters

  Liana Ters lived down the block from me for years. She had always had the perfect girl look only to be set off by her weirdly colored red violet eyes. She had the blonde hair, the cool clothes, perfect teeth, not a mark of acne anywhere ever. It was just the red violet eyes that threw off the look. Even though she seemed nice our parents hated each other we weren't even allowed to be in the same classes at school, not that I go there anymore. I wonder if she were to die would I be her escort. I hoped so. She was pretty, not that I like her or anything it's just... she's pretty, okay.

   I walked down the street somewhat casually. I had my usual attire on escort, or as we are better Luman, attire. Black skinny jeans (Don't go telling me it's emo to wear skinny jeans, it's not),  a black Arch Enemy tee shirt (alright my attire might be somewhat emo), and my messenger bag across my shoulder. My blackish brown bangs were somewhat in my eyes and I knew if my mom were here right now she'd be complaining about my clothes and hair. But she isn't so, ha. 

  "Hey Adam!" A girls familiar voice rings out. My best friend as well as another escort Mila appears. When the time comes we have an arranged marriage. Which seriously sucks but we have to deal. Mila was petite and had dyed red velvet hair. She had super pale skin and brown eyes. She was pretty but not Liana pretty. 

  "What's up Mi?" I asked walking slowly down the street to see if I can pass the Ters and see Liana without her noticing and yelling at me. 

  "Not much. So hows training going?" She asks right as we pass the Ters. Nope no seeing Liana today I guess. 

  "Well, besides the fact that I hate it." I mumble the last part so her temper doesn't go off. Yet she hears it anyways.

  "How can you hate it?! It's so cool! Your not thinking about the whole Liana thing again are you?" She frowns as she talks. Her parents told her why they hated the Ters but she refused to tell me.

  "It's weird okay? It's not that I hate it, it's just I hate the rules that go with it." I said trying not to sound mean because Mila was super sensitive.

  "So what? It's not like you can just change all the rules of being an escort." She said plainly. I'm assuming she had tried with her boyfriend, Oliver Manning, another escort to get the arranged marriage law changed. But that was one thing that everyone knew would never change. Well, everyone except me. I was determined to get that law changed and succeed in living my own life. Escort or not.

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