What Lays Beyond

I have to escort people to the afterlife joy, I'm sure that's a huge turn on for girls. Dating a guy who for a living escorts ghosts to the dead. Then again there's that girl, Liana, she always tries to get to know me. But my parents always have hated her. It's impossible for me to fall in love, I'm an escort I get assigned a wife. But, what happens when an escort falls in love?


2. Adam Mortson

  "Liana. Liana. LIANA!" My best friend and the other most popular girl in school, Hailey Campbell, screamed my name in order to get my attention. But I didn't really care. I was busy trying to figure out why Adam Mortson quit public school. All in all, Adam was pretty interesting. But I would never risk my reputation in saying that aloud. Plus I'd never see him again. Our parents hate each other as the leaders of the two tribes. Lumans, or as they called themselves, escorts and the Vamps. We just don't get along. Lumans are supposed escort the dead to Elysium but Vamps break the rules. We don't die. And no we don't sparkle in the sun either.

  "What Hailey?" Hailey was another girl in my clan. I was the head of the clans daughter, so at our school which was pretty much all vampires, I was considered a queen. I was next in line for Alpha but for right now I was still Beta next to my mom.

   "You're not still thinking of Mortson are you. He's bad news. He's a escort now Li, you need get him out of your head." Vamps had our prejudices against Luman's just as much as Luman's had theirs against us. "Anyways you get to look at Stamler and Leo cause their fighting it out over who's going to get to be the next Alpha male." She winked me at over the social studies text book we were supposed to be quizzing each other on. Stamler and Leo were the two most popular guys in school, who ironically hated each other, but they were both smart asses who were players. Neither of them really liked me for who I was. They just liked me for my social status and that annoyed the hell out of me. 

   "No, I'm just thinking stuff over. What about that girl... Horowitz.... oh yeah Mila! Isn't she one of them to?" I ask pretending I wasn't thinking about Adam and I was thinking over who was one of them and who wasn't. Well actually I sort of was. Adam, that Mila girl my question always had been whether or not they were together or not. I'll just have to ask one of them sometime soon. 

   "Yeah. The red head right? I think so." Hailey answered. "Mortson's are all escorts so why wouldn't their best friends be." The Mortson's weren't that bad. At least Adam wasn't. He was kind of cute too. He had dark brown hair, tanned skin, and hazel eyes. He always wore chill clothes and didn't associate with the popular kids and I often. Then again they would've just turned him away with him being a vampire and all. So it didn't really matter.

  "The bells about to ring." I say simply and not less than a second later the bell letting us out of that torture they call school rang. Hailey and I walked, well more like strutted, to our lockers. Right as we finally got near my house we bumped into the devil himself and his Luman friend. Adam and Mila were right in front of us.


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