Try Hard - 5 Seconds Of Summer & One Direction ☯

Three best friends, one leaves, romance strikes between the star crossed lovers. ♡


1. Chapter 1; ♡


"Hey Casey!" I say as I walk into school. 
"Hey Emma, how are you?" Casey asks.
"Good, hurry up we better get to class!" I laugh.
"Wait, is Luke coming?" Casey questioned.
"I think he's already in class.." I confirmed.
"Okay, what subject do we have first session?" I ask.
"English." Casey smiles.

As I walk into the classroom my eyes scan the class for Luke, as if my eyes couldn't deceive me, he wasn't here. I walk to my desk and sit down next to Casey.

"Luke's not here." Casey confirmed. 
"Where could he be?" I questioned.
"He could be sick?" She questioned.
"Luke never gets sick, ill tweet him, Michael might know where he is." I sigh.

I pull out my Samsung Galaxy S2 and click on the twitter icon, search up Luke's name and wait for his page to load. As it finally loads, my eyes go the size of soccer balls. I read his latest tweet over and over again not believing what I'm seeing. Casey turns to look at me.

"What's wrong Emma? You don't look so good." She says.
"Casey, look at this.." I mumble.

Casey took my phone from my hands and as you can see her eyes scan the tweet over and over again, she turns to look at me.

"Luke is going on tour? 
"Looks li-" I said but soon got interrupted.
"With One Direction?!" Casey exclaimed.

Casey turned towards me and smiled. But I don't get why she's smiling? My best friend or should I say our best friend is touring the world, without me, without us.

I went to open my mouth but soon got interrupted by Mr Collins.

"Emma? Could you please read Scene One, Part Five from your Romeo and Juliet book?" He questioned.

I picked up my books and ran to the bathroom and collapsed, I was crushed, why couldn't he have just told us? 


Emma got up and ran out of the classroom. And I knew she was hurting, so was I. I mean, our best friend is leaving us to go on tour? When will we see him? I mean I'm a huge fan of one direction, and I would also say Emma is too. I soon got interrupted out of my thoughts.

"Casey? Please go check on Emma and tell her to come back to class." Mr Collins ordered.

I sighed and got up and walked slowly and quietly down the long hallways, like you couldn't even hear a pin drop. I guess since the Year 8's & 9's are on a camp in the mountains. I soon arrive near the bathrooms already knowing she's in there. I open the door and hearing sobs echoing through the stalls. 

"Emma? You okay?" I question.
"Casey-y-y!" Emma sobbed.
"Shh, open the door." I quietly asked.

Emma slowly opened the door and looked you in the eyes, as I did you could just see all the hurt build up in her eyes. As I approached her I opened my arms for a hug, the bestest thing she could ask for right now. 

"We can visit him, he'll never forget us, okay?" I mumbled.
"O-okay.." Emma answered unsurely. 
"Come on, lets get back to class." I said.
"No, lets go shopping, get my mind off things.." Emma demanded.

I nodded and followed Emma through the halls. We eventually snuck past our classroom and to the lockers. I grabbed my bag as well as Emma quickly grabbed hers. We walked out of school without saying a word. 

We walked to the nearest bus stop and waited for the bus.

"Emma?" I asked. She looked at me and smiled weakly.
"Yeah?" She questioned.
"You'll always have me okay? No matter what happens, we'll always be best friends okay?" I questioned. She smiled hugely and bought out her pinky finger.
"Promise." She smiled.
"Promise." I confirmed as we locked pinkys.

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