By myself

Zoë-Marie, a troubled teenage girl who goes through pain and dismay, wonders if she'll ever be able to smile properly again but when her best friend Cassie introduces Zoë to her boyfriend and meets Harry styles, her life changes completely…


1. Pain

Same time, same place…worse words. " Zoë you made me do this" He slapped me leaving me with severe bruises. As he ripped my jeans my face wept with fear. He entered me and when I started screaming he kept repeating: " If you stay still it will be over soon" I hate being treated with so little respect. I feel helpless and full of PAIN…

I could smell by his horrible alcoholic scent brushing against me that he was drunk. When I heard him scuffing over to the couch, I ran towards the door and to my luck he left it open!!!! I jumped at the chance and took a few dollars from his wallet. As I shot down the road the sunlight blinded me, I wasn't used to it dad didn't let me out because he didn't want people to find out what he was doing to me. I caught a plane, one way to London. Before mum left she gave me a mp3 player that dad didn't know about so while I was on the plane I was listening to my all time favourite band 1D!

I arrived in London and when I tried to holler a taxi like back in America it didn't seem to stop like I thought it would but then I realised you had to call for a taxi. Once I finally retrieved a taxi I hoped in and thought about where I wanted to go. Maybe, I could go visit my best friend Cassie. I hope she still remembers me.                                                                                                                                      When I arrived at her house I looked longingly at her door debating against myself about whether I should go and knock or not but my stronger side of me forced me to ring the bell.                               Cassie stared at me. I stared at her. She suddenly pulled me into a fierce hug and that's when I knew I could still count on her for anything.



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