Sherlock Script


1. Scene 1


John arrives at in front of new house. Puts down his suitcase and looks up at the building. The door swings open and a person bursts out in anger, dragging a badly packed suitcase. He pushes past John and can be heard swearing under his breath. John picks up the suitcase and walks up to the front door before knocking.

Sherlock opens the door before John has even knocked.

Sherlock: John Watson I presume?

John: (taken aback) Yes but how did you-

Sherlock: (distractedly) It’s written on your suitcase. Did a man just leave?

John: Yes actually, he seemed rather cross. Is he another tenant?

Sherlock: (smirking) He used to be.

Sherlock takes Johns case and turns back into the house, John following him looking slightly bewildered.

John: So are there many other tenants? The advertisement wasn’t very clear.

Sherlock: How should I know?

John: Well, you live here. Don’t you?

Sherlock: Why does that mean I should know the other tenants?

John: Well I just assumed…

Sherlock: You should never assume if you want me to tolerate you.

Sherlock proceeds to stare at John in silence before putting a combination into the suitcase and opening it.

John: How did you know the combination?

Sherlock: Interesting to note you are more concerned to how I deduced your combination and less so as to the fact I am currently analysing of all of your possesions. And as for the combination, your clothing style suggests you are not a very self-conscious induvisual, which doubled with the limp and tense stature suggests you are quite personal. Therefore I chose your birthday.  Simple.

John looks at Sherlock in disbelief before glancing down at his clothes and altering his stature uncomfortably.

John: Wait a second, how did you know my birthday?

Sherlock smiles silently then throws a shirt and trousers at John.

Sherlock: Put these on. We’re going out for a meal whilst Mrs Hudson cleans.

John: Who’s Mrs Hudson and who pays for her?

The door clicks open.

Sherlock: No time to change! Come on.

Sherlock sweeps John out of the house as they bustle past a lady who is already cleaning.


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