Change For The Better

Maybe things were difficult, maybe things were easy. Life can be funny that way, how sometimes on the outside everything seems perfect but on the inside its like a battle field. Full of conflicting emotions, like a war of the good and bad inside just one person. But the funny thing is, sometimes something as simple as love can help good win the war and make everything ok.


1. The Girl

I suppose this story starts with a girl. A girl who was hopelessly lost and entirely terrified. Unlike what your probably thinking, this girl had what you would call an ideal life. 2 loving parents, 2 caring brothers, a nice, albeit small, house. She had clothes in her closet and food in the kitchen, a pool in the backyard and a nice neighborhood. But what this girl was afraid of, was herself. She was afraid of what she could do to herself. Because this girl had much too much suicidal thoughts. This girl had scars marking her entire body. She had this secret emotion that no one got to see, hopelessness. Things seemed perfect on the inside of her life, but I suppose its not a teenage life without a secret. But this girl's secret was dangerous, and hard, and entirely lonely. This girl needed hope, she needed someone to care. but who would care for a lonely teenage girl in a small town suburb? 


A love story needs more than one person, here we have Louis. He acted so happy, like everything was perfect. He was in a huge boy band and everything on the surface would seem amazing. But he was broken. Ever wonder why he always wore red skinny jeans with his striped t-shirts? His legs are covered in scars, just like the girl in our story. Funny how two people who have never met and may never meet could be so alike, huh? 


You probably need the girl's name, right? Meet Elina. She seemed happy on the outside but will the world ever know just how much she hurts? 

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