This Is Me.

These are stories from my personal life that I hope inspire you, or are just amusing to read(: Either way, I hope you enjoy! :)

*Names have been changed for safety of my friends.
*The cover is a real picture of me. Hate is welcomed. BRING IT.


1. Trying is Different from Doing

I sat on the bench of my soccer game. God knows I wanted to go in. I wanted to take out those conceited jerks on the other team. I mean, my team was undefeated! We could so take 'em down. If Coach would just put me in...

"Coach?" I called to him again.

His hands were on his hips, his brows furrowed as he watched the game. Occasionally he called out, telling the other kids on my team to "move up!" or "support! support!". He now turned to face me, the same face I always received from him: blank.

"Erin?" He asked, walking to the bench. He sat down next to me. "What now?"

I smiled shyly. "Can I go in?"

He frowned at me. "Patience."

I crossed my arms over my chest. "But I've been waiting for ages!" I wined.

Coach stood and rubbed the back of his neck. "Promise you'll score?"

Unsure, I messed with my fingers. I didn't want to make a promise I couldn't keep. If I didn't score then he'd never put me in again. I couldn't make that big of a promise. I looked back up at him. "I'll try."

Coach just shook his head. "This is why we can't put you in." He began to walk away.

"Coach!" I jumped up from the bench. "Wait, what just happened? I thought you were going to put me in!"

He shook his head. "Look," He pulled out his cell phone and laid it on his palm. "Try to take this out of my hand."

I looked at him, confused, but his eyes only told me to do what I was told. I reached for the phone and snatched it out of his hands. He didn't even try to stop me.

"So what?" I asked, holding the phone.

"No," He took it back from me. "I said try to take it out of my hands. You just did it. Try." He set the phone back on his palm.

Even more confused, I reached again and touched a finger on it. He shook his head. I bit my lip. What did he mean by try? I levitated my hand over the phone.

"There!" He exclaimed, making me jump. "You're only trying. As soon as you lay a finger and take that phone from me, you've done it. When you tell me you're going to go out there and try, that means that you aren't confident in yourself. You'd dribble the ball to the net, and then stop, just like I had you do with the phone. You don't have enough confidence to dribble the ball into the net, just like in the example, when you didn't take the phone."

I pondered what he said for a moment. And I realized it was true. When I had said, "I'll try", I had doomed myself to never being able to score. I'd get scared at the net, not confident enough in my own talent, realizing that it was okay if I still missed, and it wouldn't go in.

I smiled at Coach. "Okay." I said, turning to walk back to the bench. Then I stopped and turned back towards him. "I'm going to get ten goals by the end of the season. Cause I can." Then I continued back to the bench. I resumed my seat, still warm, and watched the game.

"ERIN!" Coach yelled. I jumped up. "Go sub in for Alyssa."

And I did.

And I scored.

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