King Of Crows

When Dr. Jonathan Fry wakes up after being knocked unconscious he knows he must do one thing. Save Daniel Davies: a sick teenage boy who needs psychiatric treatment for his uncontrollable rage. What must he save him from? The boys father, convinced his son is possessed.

Evil goes by many names and God can't save Jonathan, or anyone else, actually. Not from the King Of Crows...


1. Davies' Farm

I woke up with my head pounding. The room is empty. My vision swam not being able to focus on anything in the dark. I reached for the bleeding cut on my forehead, flinching away as touching it sent my head pounding. What had happened? Mr Davies, the owner of the farm house I was in, had hit me with his cudgel. The man had gone mad! He actually thought his son was possessed by a demon! I tried to collect my thoughts. My name is Jonathan Fry; I am a doctor from Newcastle. I had arrived at this farm three days ago to examine a young boy. Daniel Davies. He had begun to display bursts of random rage that even he did not remember. I pushed myself off of the floor on to my feet. My head swam and my vision blurred for a moment. The small bedroom was dark. Moonlight poured through the small window. Cream walls were splashed with streaks of blood. WildSplashes, awful streaks and horrific pools.

I had arrived at the farm in good spirits after a pleasant journey - my spirits fell not long after my arrival. The boy was terrifying. His face was twisted with rage whenever he had the black outs. Blackouts that were becoming more and more frequent. The 15 year old face should have been quite normal and full of life. Instead it was pale with blood shot eyes. A face of horrifying wrath. In all my ten years of medical practice I had never witnessed such rage. Daniel practically bounced off of the walls of the barn he was confined to.His wrists bound by 2 lengths of rope to an iron ring set in the furthest wall from the door. He had been confined to the barn for his own safety. And those around him. The boy was violent. In the days before his confinement he had broken one of his father’s fingers, given him a black eye and knocked out three teeth. His facial injuries were caused by Daniel leaping onto his father’s shoulders without any aid and proceed to beat his father with both hands. That was only his father… he had also sprained his mother’s wrist and broken her nose. Her injuries were caused in the same attack. Apparently they had been inflicted by the wall Daniel had shoved her into. One handed.

Foolishly his parents, both very Christian people, brought the local priest to see their son! The old fool had convinced the Davies that their son was possessed by a demon! Of course people could never deny a priests judgement, especially religious bound country-folk.But a demon!? The year is 1918. As a man of science I do not believe in such things. After several failed “exorcisms” they had finally called upon a doctor from the city. Me.

Roughly 10 years ago the term ‘schizophrenia’ was coined for cases like this. Of course a simple farmer, his wife and a local priest wouldn’t know about such things but I do. The boy’s parents were happy to let me treat him, after explaining the disease in simple words.The priest, Father Lewis, however was adamant that it was demonic possession. The plan was to move him to the hospital I work in for treatment the next day.Whether Father Lewis liked it or not. I make my way slowly out of the room and down the stairs. I take care not to fall in my dazed state.

At my request the boy had been allowed to stay in his own room for the night. Under sedation of course. At midnight, I was awoken by a horrific scream. I was sleeping in the front room on the sofa. As I awoke I heard Mr Davies run across from his room to his son’s room. I also ran up the stairs to investigate. Daniel’s door was jammed shut somehow and Mr Davies was trying to barge it down without any success.We both tried to kick it down without any results. Mr Davies was holding a cudgel, prepared to beat his son back should he attack. But the scream was not from his son - it was not angry.It was scared.
“Daniel! Open this door now! I am your father and by God you will open this door!”

We listened out for a reply. We heard a quiet gurgling from someone - not the boy. Daniel could be heard giggling childishly. Sadistically. We heard the window of his room slide open,
“Come get me old man, though I warn you… you’ll need more than your worthless God to stop me.” More laughter and then silence.Even the gurgling had stopped.
Mr Davies went red with rage.He tried to open the door again. It opened easily - nothing was barring the door nor was there any way he could of locked it as Mr Davies had the only key. We entered the room and took in the horror. The walls were sprayed with blood - arterial spray in my opinion. Then we saw the source of the blood and the gurgling. Father Lewis was lying on the floor looking blankly up at the ceiling.His face turned into a horrified dead mask. A large chunk had been taken out of his neck - as if he were mauled by an animal. His bible was clutched to his chest as if he clung to it to save him.
“My son did this…” Mr Davies whispered. 
“It seems so Mr Davies,” I turn to face his pale face, “He is sick. We must get him back here and a hospital for treatment.”
Mr Davies picked up the dead priests bible and looked at the open page.
“This is the exorcism he performed before. And look at his neck! My boy, sick or not, would never do that! Father Lewis was right! It is a demon! Poor father…”
“No Mr Davies he is sick-“
“Shut up! I must take care of this once and for all. I will stop this devil however way I can!” He gripped his cudgel harder. He dropped the bible next to the priest’s body. Realisation washed over me, like the blood had washed the walls.
“You can’t kill your son. He’s sick! I won’t let you do thi-“

That was when I saw him swing.

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