Repair Me

After being pushed to the limit by her family and friends, Isabelle runs away and is found by her old cousin Harry. Will he tell her parents that have abused her for so many years that he has her? Or will she talk him out of it? When she meets the love of her life Niall, will he treat her right? Or just be like everyone else who left her when things got rough. Isabelle is broken and needs help, will Niall be just in time to save her? Or will he be just in time to watch her fall for the last time.


2. What's wrong Harry?

(Niall's POV cont.)

   I watched her for a few more seconds, waiting for her to get up. When she didn't I quickly stood up and jogged over to the door, yelling "I'll be right back!" to the boys. When I got outside I put the hoodie of my jacket over my head and jogged across the street to the girl.

   She was a tiny girl, her blond hair with faded purple highlights covered her face as she laid on her side. She was wearing a soaking wet tank top and jeans, exposing bruises and scrapes along her arms that I guess she got from her fall.

   "Are you alright?" I asked her, unsure of what to do. When she didn't reply I gently turned her over so she laid on her back. She was even paler than I thought, with a bruise across her face. I checked her pulse, scared that I might not find one. But, she had a pulse, barely. As if she was slowly slipping into the abyss of death.

   "Shit" I cursed under my breath as I shrugged off my jacket and wrapped it around her fragile frame. I gently picked her up bridal style and headed back over to Nandos.

   Since we are in One Direction, Nandos "closed" so we could eat in peace, so I wasn't worried that anyone would bombard me when I walked in. I went straight to the boys and laid her on the cushioned booth seat of the booth next to ours. Explaining to the boys what had happened.

   "She needs to get warm." Liam said. I nodded in agreement and looked over at Harry, I was about to ask him to go get blankets from his car when I noticed a look of confusion on his face.

   "What's wrong harry?" I asked as he came over to the girl and gently moved the hair out of her face.

   "She's my cousin." Harry said.

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