Repair Me

After being pushed to the limit by her family and friends, Isabelle runs away and is found by her old cousin Harry. Will he tell her parents that have abused her for so many years that he has her? Or will she talk him out of it? When she meets the love of her life Niall, will he treat her right? Or just be like everyone else who left her when things got rough. Isabelle is broken and needs help, will Niall be just in time to save her? Or will he be just in time to watch her fall for the last time.


1. The Falling Girl

A/N: This is a One Shot that I kinda like. Please give me feedback:) ~Kat

I could barely feel the rain pour down on me as I ran through the streets. I dared not look at anyone, I really did not want to be seen like this. I've gone 5 days without eating and sleeping. I was surprised that  I already ran 2 blocks, but fatigue was starting to take over me. My world was spinning as I slowed down, on the verge of fainting. I looked across the street, where in a building a blue eyed and blond hair boy was staring at me. I let myself sink into his perfect blue eyes as everything went black.

*Niall's POV*

I was sitting at Nandos with the guys. We had decided to grab something to eat before getting to the hotel. When the guys started talking about their girlfriends and Harry's "thing" for Taylor I tuned out and watched as the people outside ran to the shops for cover from the rain. My eyes focused on one girl who didn't seem to be running towards any buildings, actually she was stumbling more than running. She was soaking wet and looked a sickly pale. She came to a stop and scanned the area, her eyes resting on me before her body went limp and she collapsed on the ground.

A/N: I'll post the next part in just a little. I have to go shopping:/

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