New Beginning

After the break-up, everyone expected Justin to be heartbroken. Instead, he seemed as though nothing ever happened. No one knows why, he doesn't even really know. But we all know one thing, your heart can't be broken by someone who never had it to begin with


1. The Break-Up

" Look, I just think maybe we should break up. I'm kind of tired of you always treating me like crap. And everyone knows that you're only using me for the fame." I managed to get the words out without any hint of pain in my voice. Honestly, I think it's because there was no pain. I had never really been into the relationship completely so maybe that's why I didn't care.

"Whatever, Justin! I never really loved you, I was just using you. And guess what, it worked. I think we both know I'm too good for you anyways." I knew Selena's words were supposed to sting, but I wasn't actually paying attention. As I walked through the door towards my car there was one more attempt at hurting me, "I was cheating on you!" and still, I felt nothing as I drove away, not even looking in my mirrors.

You're probably wondering why I'm not upset that I just broke up with Selena after 2 years of being together, right? Yeah, I'm kind of wondering the same thing. Honestly though, I've been with her since I was 16, I think I'm ready for a bit of a change. Just something new, something not so stressful. Anyways, I'm going to see my best friend and his sister tomorrow night... oh his sister. Christa, she is so damn beautiful. I've known both of them almost my entire life. Ethan is more like a brother, but Christa? I've kind of had a thing for her since I first met her. Before I came out here with Scooter, her and I stole a kiss, but when she stopped texting me it broke my heart so I started dating. Too bad it didn't work, I'm still completely crazy about her. I'm gonna tell you something that I've never told anybody... When I was dating Selena, I couldn't stop thinking about Christa. When they came out to visit last year I was barely able to control myself.

Okay, sorry guys but I have a show to get to. And more pretty faces to see that will never compare to her....

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