New Beginning

After the break-up, everyone expected Justin to be heartbroken. Instead, he seemed as though nothing ever happened. No one knows why, he doesn't even really know. But we all know one thing, your heart can't be broken by someone who never had it to begin with


2. One Less Lonely Girl

As I looked out into the crowd for a special girl, I heard Scooter through my headset. "Hey Justin, we've got a girl. Music will start in 30 seconds, whatever you do, don't turn around until I say to." When my music started I danced around the stage and sung. Finally I got my cue, "Okay, go" I turned around with flowers in hand and was now out of breath. The girl walking towards me was no ordinary fan. It was the only girl that could take my breath away.

"Christa?" she smiled and nodded at me. Oh God, that smile. She reached her hand out to me and the second her hand was in mine I knew that this was going to be great. I led her to her seat in the middle of the stage, exactly where she belongs. As I finished up the song I couldn't help myself. before I knew it I was leaning down and my lips were pressed softly to hers. It was hard to tell if she liked it or not, she seemed more in shock than anything. All I could do as she walked backstage was smile.

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