change my mind

when a girl grown up in a quiet, country life style, savannah gets a one in a life time opportunity to meet the biggest boy band in the world and fall in love



it was about three thirty when we got to the hotel, he came with me to check in and get to my room, he dropped me off at the stadium where the guys will be performing, he led me around back to get in the secret way that Liam showed him once, once we got in we walked down the long hallway crowded with people

"hey Jordan!!" said a voice from behind us, we turned around to see Louis walking towards us, Jordan walked over and gave Louis a big hug

"a little stronger than i remember" Jordan says and Louis laughs, when someone almost pushes me to the ground Louis leads us to Liams dressing room, he leaves the door open for me and screams into the hallway, "one direction to Liams dressing room now!!!!!!" he screams so loud i have to cover my ears, within seconds harry and niall run in and fall onto the couch next to Jordan, i sit down on a one person couch but since im so skinny i bet Louis or zayn can sit in the chair with me, after about a minute of waiting on zayn, harry and niall and Liam talk to Jordan and Louis walks out into the hallway and screams, "zayn Malik report to Liam dress now!!" again i cover my ears but can still hear him as if he were right next to me, he doesn't come back for a couple minutes he walks in carrying zayn on his shoulder, he drops him on top of harry niall and Jordan, they push him off onto the floor, all he does and lay there laughing, i cant help but laugh, i jump a little when Louis comes up behind me and jumps over the couch and onto my lap

"so what's you're name?" he asks in his best creeper voice and looks at me with his eyes wide and his mouth almost Grinch looking, i laugh

"im savannah" i say still laughing, im smiling so hard my face hurts

"watch out she might bite if you make her mad or scared" Jordan says with his head on Harrys shoulder and legs over niall, while zayn, still on the floor, staring at me with his beautiful brown eyes, i can tell he either thinks im pretty, or is just staring at me for no reason.

"well savannah, you might be our guest of honor during the concert tonight" he tells me getting off my lap, i guess he thinks im pretty cause when he held the door open for me he handed me a piece of paper with his number and 'call me' on it, so i pull out my phone out and put his number in pretending to text someone

a guy walks in and tells the guys that they're almost ready to start, so they say their goodbyes to Jordan and he gives me a really big hug

"text me when you get in you're room" he says giving me another quick hug, he lets himself out and there is a small silence til zayn gets off of the floor and walks to the door

"i guess we should head to the stag then, he says walking over to me, he picks me up bridal style and makes his way to the stage, he puts me down right where i can see them perform, they run out on stage and sing

kiss you

live while were young

they don't know about us

and moments, then they go to the twitter questions, they answer three or four til they read one that catches my attention...

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