change my mind

when a girl grown up in a quiet, country life style, savannah gets a one in a life time opportunity to meet the biggest boy band in the world and fall in love


7. tour

when i wakeup i realize that i forgot to text Jordan, so i text him

Jordan: srry i 4got 2 txt u last night, the guys asked if i wanted to open 4 then on their tour, can i go on tour with them plzzzzzz

i get a txt message from zayn

savannah: have fun last night

zayn: yeah i did, i asked Jordan if i could go on tour with u guys, im waiting 4 him to say yes

i put my phone down and got dressed, i pick a purple long sleeve shirt with zebra stripes on it, and really short shorts, i put on my DC high tops and walk to the nearest McDonalds, i get a hashbrown and a sausage mcmuffin, i go by Starbucks and get a  vanilla latte and walk back to the hotel, when i get back in my room i get a message from Jordan

savannah: its ok and yeah u can go on tour with them, as long as u tell me if one of them asks you out and every where you go

Jordan: fine, i will, luv u

i text zayn and tell him that i can go on tour with him and the guys, he said that i had a bus all to myself unless i wanted one of them to come with me, i told him that i would be fine and i needed some time to myself anyway, on what zayn just texted me they're wanting me to meet them in the lobby in an hour, so i start packing my stuff and finish eating my breakfast

by the time my hour has passed i drag my suitcase on the elevator and wait for the elevator to reach the lobby, when im release i meet the boys and they lead me out to the car that will take us to the buses

with Paul driving, Liam in the passenger seat, niall and harry in the middle, i get stuck in the back with zayn and Louis, they make me sit in the middle, i was so squished, i was about to pop

it takes about an hour to get to the buses so i fall asleep

when i wake up my head is on zayns shoulder, i sit up, im guessing were there cause we pull up to these two huge busses, we get out and i put my things on the second bus while the boys put theirs on the first, i pick a bunk in the back and lay on it until harry comes in

"just wanted to make sure you were ok" he said before he shut the door, he walked over to me and sat down beside me, "i wanna tell you something very important, now you cant tell anybody, got it" i nod "ok" he leans in to whisper in my ear "zayn is in love with you"

"zayn is i.." harry covers my mouth with his hand,

"shush, you cant say a word, got it" he asks, i nod, he takes his hands away from my mouth, wow, zayn Malik likes me, its a dream come true   :D


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