change my mind

when a girl grown up in a quiet, country life style, savannah gets a one in a life time opportunity to meet the biggest boy band in the world and fall in love


8. speechless

the tour has been amazing, I've sung most of my songs, so i need to write more songs, so i get out my violin and play random tunes, i record it and get my cello out and play in a melody that best fit me, i write down the lyrics and put it all together, it only took me an hour to make another song

"sounds beautiful" zayn walks in, "how long did it take this time?" he asks smiling

"an hour, because i made it longer than i usually do" he sits next to me and i play the song for him, near the end he starts to cry

"how does this happen to you?" he looks at me

"it happened to Jordan, it happened the morning i sang to him after he read those horrible things about him"

"wow, did they say how terrible he was and stuff like that, he didn't tell anybody what they said" he looks at me concerned

"when people say things about him he doesn't really care, but those people said that he should've left me to die with the coyotes, its when people tell him when he should've done things differently that he gets upset, and they were saying that he is too good for a sister like me and how he should ditch me, the most horrifying one was from our parents, they said that i was a piece of dirt and i shouldn't be in the family" i say looking down at the floor so i didnt have to look at zayn, he put his hand under my chin and lifted it up towards him, i was crying now, and he felt bad for me, " no one likes me, everyone thinks im lust a waste of space and time, and that i shouldn't be living, and they all wish the devil would enslave me" i say pulling away from zayn, he takes my hand and sings moments to me, when he's done i cry and hug him tightly

"you ok now?" he asks in a smooth comforting voice as he strokes my hair, i nod and look up at him

"do you like me, do the boys like me?" i ask in a sad voice

"of course i like you, i love you with all my heart, and you're like a sister to the lads, and you have your brother, from what he has told us he has been your only supporter for the past three years, you are his life, he loves you" he finishes by kissing me on the forehead and hugging me tight, niall walks in and sits down on the other side of me and leans in and hugs me too, then liam and harry walk in and go behind us and join in in the hug, then lou comes in and sits on my lap, i laugh as he kisses me on the cheek

"you know we all love you savannah, Jordan has told us what people do to you and say to you, well, at least what ever you told him, and we just wanted to let you know, that when we met you yesterday, we loved you, youre a sweet, funny, loveable girl, and don't let anyone change you, change your mind about yourself" lou says and everyone squeezes me tightly before we all fall off the bed and my song plays again, all the lads listen in aawww, when the song is over they applaud

"i think this is your best song yet" liam says putting his arm around me sitting on the floor

"thanks, this is about how.." i get caught in my words and on the verge of crying, i make a pathetic puppy dog face and whimper, the lads laugh and hug me again, a stray tear rolls down my cheek and lou wipes it away, he smiles at me and i smile back

"who wants to go get something to eat?" niall breaks the silence

"yeah, come on lads" zayn says as they all get up and walk out, zayn walks up behind me, "you coming?" he asks putting his hand on my head

"yeah, just thinking" i say getting up and walking out with zayn, we go to Nanos and louis zayn and me get our own table, i sit next to zayn and louis sits on the other side of the table, when louis reads something on his phone he starts to cry, he puts his head down where we cant see it, since im on the outside i get up and slide next to louis on his side of the table

"whats wrong" i say in a sweet caring voice, he pulls something up on his phone and hands it to me, he read stuff about him on twitter about how his voice is terrible, he is ugly, and he is fat, but he is the skinniest one in the band, i hug louis tight and he hugs me back, i hand zayn his phone and he reads the things people said, i can feel his tears falling on my shoulder, i can tell that he is really hurt, zayn gets up to go show the others, and soon they are over here ready to comfort louis, i try to get up so one of them can  sit here but lou hugs me tighter and tighter til i give up

"can we be alone for a minute" i heard lou say, the others walk away and he finally looks up into my eyes, which are red from crying, "i love you, a lot, and i know zayn already and i don't want to confuse you and pressure you, but will you please think about being my girlfriend?" he puts his hand on my neck and leaned in and kissed me on the lips, when he pulls away he smiles and hugs me

"i will think about it, now lets eat" i say, he shakes his head

"i need to lose weight" i stare at him with my mouth gaping open, "what, im fat" he says trying to push me out of the booth

"you are not fat" i say blocking the outside of the booth


"no buts, youre eating as much as you usually do and you can work out later or we can race back to the bus, he frowned and sat down, i was not going to let him starve himself just because someone said he was fat, i look around for the boys and give them a thumbs up, when we get done eating louis is fast asleep on my shoulder, his arms around me and hands locked, i was not getting out of this and louis needs to wake up before we leave, i shake his shoulder, his blue eyes flutter open and he smiles when he sees me, i see zayn looking jealous out the corner of my eye, louis gets up and stretches, i get out of the booth and help lou out, he falls and grabs my waist to keep him standing

"can we race now?" he asks rubbing his eyes

"yeah, i bet ill win, hey, you guys wanna race back to the bus"

"sure" harry says, "when we exit the place run" we all start walking towards the exit, im the last one out, but i catch up with louis and harry in the front, i pass everyone in a matter of seconds and run as fast as i can to the bus, when i get there i nearly face plant into the side of the bus, instead i run into it with my side and fall to the ground, i hit my head pretty hard, when i get up the boys had just rounded the corner, they slow down and walk when they get five feet from the bus, i rub the back of my head and sit back down, louis came in second, zayn third, harry fourth, niall fifth, and liam in last, im out of breath when someone comes up behind me and lifts me to my feet, i turn around and zayn is looking at me like he wants to talk, he pulls me into an ally nearby and hugs me tight

"savannah, i love you and i want you to be mine forever, and i know louis likes you too, but i love you more than anyone i have ever met"

"i thought you were going out with perrie?" i ask him

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