change my mind

when a girl grown up in a quiet, country life style, savannah gets a one in a life time opportunity to meet the biggest boy band in the world and fall in love


1. ordinary day

i wake up to the rooster crowing almost right outside my window, not wanting to get up and go to hell(school), but i get good grades and play a violin, and my dream is to play a really amazing song on my violin for one direction, mostly Zayn, last night i had a dream that someone had kidnapped me and zayn came to save me, and in the end we kissed, it was as i would say AMAZAYN. i lazily get up out of the top bunk of my bed, or roll off and hit the ground with a thud, luckily i didn't fall on Buster again, he was hurt for a week, and i was in the hospital after he reacted and bit my neck, i still have very noticeable scars on the side of my neck.

"savannah get your filthy ass down here now!" my 17 year old brother Jordan yelled at me from the living room. i guess parents went to work early again, in the city while not in school Jordan and me have to work in the fields while i mostly attend to the animals. my favorite part of the day is when ma and pa get home we all go riding as fast as we can, racing down the road half way to town and back, i always win with my stallion manny, we love each other to death, he saved  me from a pack of coyotes after my first attempt of running away last month.

i throw on the jeans i wore yesterday and get my lady antebellum shirt out of my drawer and run downstairs and help Jordan with the pancakes that i normally fix. "need help or want me to do it?" i ask walking up to his side, he gives me the spatula and the bowl of pancake batter and walks to the table and texts someone on his new iPhone 5.

"hurry up im starving over here" he wines at me until i walk over with 4 thick pancakes stacked high and drizzled and soaked with syrup and a few strawberries on top, i set it down in front of him and he pulls me into a bear hug as he does every morning when i serve him breakfast, he lets me go and i fix myself  a bowl of lucky charms and sit next to Jordan at the table, we start talking about how we think politics are stupid Obama should leave America(that was Jordan idea, he doesn't really care if Obama finds out he said it).

i run upstairs after breakfast to finish getting ready for school, get my backpack and run out to the car so Jordan can drive me to school. "so here we are" he says as i get out of the car, almost the end of seventh grade, only two days left. i walk onto the basketball court to shoot some hoops with randy, my best friend, he doesn't mind that i sometimes take his ball home to practice with, as i set my bag down in line my ex friend Sarah comes up to me and asks me," can you ask your brother out for me he is super hot!?" she screams in my ear.

"no, you can do it yourself he's not gonna bite." i say to her as randy

"pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!" she screams as i shoot the ball and miss by an inch.

"no, u can do it!" i yell and go off to play basketball.

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