change my mind

when a girl grown up in a quiet, country life style, savannah gets a one in a life time opportunity to meet the biggest boy band in the world and fall in love


11. no!!!

when i come out of the bathroom zayn is lying on the floor with a blade in his hand and multiple cuts on his wrists and ankles, i run over to him and listen for a heart beat crying, his heart is still working

"louis, harry, niall, liam, i need you now" i scream behind tears, moments later all the boys are in here surrounding zayn, the next thing i know they are up carrying zayn out to the car to the hospital, someone picks me up and runs me out and we speed to the nearest hospital


louis POV


after we got to the hospital savannah looked as if she were in shock, so i sit next to her and put my arm around her

"are you ok baby girl" she looks up at me with a tear escaping her pretty blue eyes, she nods, "now a pretty girl like you shouldn't be crying" she smiles and hugs me

"thanks, and don't tell Jordan what i have been doing to myself, he would kill me"

"ok, but if he asks...well, lets just say, i don't wanna get on your brothers bad side but ill try" she laughs, and its true, Jordan has larger biceps than i do, and he is a lot more intimidating after you get to know him

"i love you lou" she hugs me tighter, i feel like i never wanna move from here

"i thought you loved zayn" i say quietly

"but he did this to himself and he lied to me, and after we made up he tried to kill himself, and he might succeed" her voice is rising, "and its all my fault that we're here right now" the lads walk over and join in the hug, she starts to calm down when the doctor comes out, we all look at him and untangle from the hug


savannahs POV



"now, i have good news and bad news" we look at him worried

"whats the good news" i ask

"zayn will survive, but he has lost lots of blood, if someone donates blood to him he will survive"

"whats the bad news" everyone goes silent

"the bad news is that one of you has to donate it, actually one of you two" he gestures to me and liam, liam cant do it, he has only one kidney in the first place

"ill donate" they look at me in surprise as the doctor leads me back to zayns room

"sit here please" he motions to a chair next to zayns bed, he is motionless except for the breathing in his chest moving up and down slowly, the machines are reading a low pulse from him now

"how much do you need" i ask looking away from zayn

"about two pints, so you'll need to stay here for a couple hours" i nod as he hooks me to a machine to take my blood, i watch my blood flow through the tube and into a bag, once the bag is full he takes another bag full

"go ahead and drink the juice and eat the cookie on the table, it will help restore blood to your body" i take the cookie and eat it while he puts my blood into zayns body, i smile as the machines read a faster pulse and his breathing quickens a little, after he puts the second bag of blood in him he comes and checks my blood sugar, that's normal, and zayn moans a little, i pull away from the doctor and rush to be right next to him as his brown eyes flutter open and direct to me

"hey beautiful" i laugh as the doctor studies the computers that hook to zayn

"hey, how do you feel" he smiles and puts his hand on my neck, stroking it with his thumb, i put my hand over his and laugh

"great seeing you, what happened" he looks around the room confused

"you almost killed yourself earlier" i hold his other wrist up so he can see the fresh cuts, "you should be thankful that they aren't sending you to a mental hospital" he laughs

"so, who donated blood to me" he sees the machines

"i did, it was either me or liam" he nods understanding, and looks back at me and smiles as the lads walk in

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