change my mind

when a girl grown up in a quiet, country life style, savannah gets a one in a life time opportunity to meet the biggest boy band in the world and fall in love


13. nearly dead

as we run from the boy i heard to be randy, i hear footsteps slowly gaining up on me and lou, when we hit the street  we stop to think but the boy tackles me into the street, lou is pulled back by the other guys


louis POV


after the kid tackled savannah i tried to help her but the other big guys got hold of me and pulled me back, i kicked and yelled, the kid pulled an unconscious savannah out f the street, i saw blood on the ground from where he had dragged her and a car was stopped and some guy about my age ran out to them

"oh my gosh is she ok, i didn't see her" the guy says

"yeah, we are going to get her to a hospital, can you drive us, they will catch up later, right guys" he looks over to the guys behind me

"of course, anything, come on, get in" the guy runs back to his car and the kid carries savannah and gets into the back seat with her

"come on, we can meet them" the guys let go of me, i just stand there watching the car drive away

"come on" the other guy said, i start walking, i follow them to the van and get in

"i think im going to be sick" i cover my mouth with one hand and wrap my other around my stomach

"well don't, you'll be ok we will be at the hospital in twenty minutes, im positive she will live" one of them says starting to drive away

"why did you kidnap us, what will you be able to gain from us" i ask, putting my other arm on my stomach, sitting quietly in the back seat

"randy thought that if we got both of you he could get rich, he hired us to get you, since no one else would" the one not driving turned to face me

"and since you got away he forced us to get you, he didn't even tell us what he hired us to do until we were at your buses" the driver said

"but why cant you guys fight back, he is one kid and you are two strong guys, just tell him no" i say like why didn't they think of that sooner

"you know, that's not a bad idea" the one turned to me says looking at the road momentarily

"yeah, when we get to the hospital just tell him you don't wanna work for him anymore" i say as we approach the hospital

"we will, thanks kid" they say, i cringe, im twenty one, i do not like being called a kid by someone not much older than me

"guys, why isn't he chained up" randy says as we walk into the hospital, he looks around aware of what he just said

"because we are not working for you anymore, we are tired of this" the one who drove here said and grabs Randy's arm and drags him out to the van, he is tied up and mouth covered, thrown in the back of the van

"louis" i hear a small voice say, but a familiar one


savannahs POV


after i got here the doctors did a little work on my side which was badly bruised but nothing severe was done, i walk up to louis and say his name, he turns around and hugs me tight, i hug him back

"oh my god i was so worried about you" he says, my arms tighten around his waist, i hear him couch and something red splattered on my face and shoulders, i look up at louis and see his lips covered in fresh blood

"aahhh, louis" i scream, a doctor comes running out and a guy is taken away holding a blood covered knife, i start crying and watch as louis is taken away on a stretcher

"savannah, what happened, where is lou" i hear a familiar voice say, my knees give in and i fall, zayn catches me and i sit crying in his lap

"someone stabbed him in the back, he was just taken back" i say crying harder in zayns chest, i hear his heartbeat fast and strong, he hugs me tight, pulling me even closer to his warm body

"how did you escape" he asks as the other lads surround us

"i used the knife you gave me to cut the rope off of our wrists and we ran, then a car ran into me, but im fine, then we got here and.." i stop for breath since i said it all in one long one

"don't worry, he will be just fine, and im so glad we found you" zayn strokes my hair and lifts me up, i wrap my arms around his shoulders and my legs around his waist, he carries me out and liam follows, leaving niall and harry to wait for louis

"where are we going" i ask as zayn puts me in the back seat of a car

"back to the bus, where you will be safe" he gets in to the left of me and liam to the right, even though we are normally uncomfortably squished, i think it feels nice, i put my head on zayns chest and grip the collar of his shirt with my right hand

"ok, and zayn" i look up at him, his eyes look into mine like magic

"yeah" he says

"can you spend the night in my bus tonight" a tear falls down my cheek making him start to tear up

"yeah, ok" he says nodding, i smile slightly and burry my face into his shirt again, and listen to his heart beat and fall asleep to it

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