change my mind

when a girl grown up in a quiet, country life style, savannah gets a one in a life time opportunity to meet the biggest boy band in the world and fall in love


9. liar

zayns POV

"I thought you were going out with perrie?" she asks, im speechless, she looks disappointed and walks back to the bus, i walk back straying behind her, she looks back at me with tears in her eyes and i think, what have i done

when i walk onto our bus the lads look at me ashamed as if she told them, so i walk right past them and go to the bunks, i sit in the top one in the back and cry under the pillow

"now i have done it, she is never going to trust me again" i sob into the pillow, i hear a beep from the phone next to my head, it said ended call with savannah, i throw the phone on the floor and the back and battery fall out, i throw the pillow at the door and there is a knock

"what do you want" i yell

"i was coming to apologize about how i reacted earlier but i guess youre too busy" i hear savannahs voice from out side the door, i hear her run out crying, i scream and bang my hand into the mirror, it breaks on contact and cuts my hand badly, i can hear the boys banging loudly on the door

"zayn are you alright" liam yells

"come on buddy are you alright"

without thinking i say, "who, me or the mirror" i slap myself on the fore head and run for the bathroom and shut the door, the boys break the door down and run in, before i came into the bathroom i grabbed a big piece of glass to kill myself with, the lads start banging on the bathroom door, i take the glass and slit my wrist about twenty times, flinching as my tears fall in the open wounds, i do the same to the other wrist, and as the lads break in the take the glass away, and lou carries me out, i think they are just gonna talk to me, but when they run out of the bus i start struggling, i kick, scream, hit, but they wont let me go, blood is dripping from my fingertips as the bring me in savannahs bus


savannahs POV


when they bring in a bloody zayn i stand up in defense, but harry and niall pin me down, they put zayn next to me, liam runs to grab bandages for zayns arms, they hold us so we cant get away, i sit turned away from zayn, and he away from me, when they wrapped zayns arms and we finally accepted that we were going to sit here and have a long talk harry started

"zayn, can you tell us why you did this to yourself" i look at him deeply

"i can tell you why, i did it because of that monster" i look at him shocked

"monster, im not the one who lied and cut himself over someone else" i scream and run out crying, i run into the boys bus, i hide in nialls hiding spot, he will be the only one knowing where i am, i sit there and cry, replaying what zayn said about me, "that monster" it haunts me


zayns POV


"when i realize what i just said i put my head in my hands, "now i did it for sure" i mumble, louis comes over and sits next to me while the other three run out to find savannah in the other bus, lou hugs me and holds me there until i stop crying



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