change my mind

when a girl grown up in a quiet, country life style, savannah gets a one in a life time opportunity to meet the biggest boy band in the world and fall in love


12. kidnapped

after zayn is out of the hospital we go back to the busses, i stop sensing something is wrong, i hold the lads back and listen, someone else is on the bus

"whats the matter" louis says looking at me, and to the busses

"i think someone is on the bus" i say quietly

"its Paul, he said he.." i cut him off

"but Paul told me he went to get something to a meeting, and he wouldn't be back til tonight" they all look at the bus and start walking again, i follow close behind, i feel someone following me so i turn around, there is a boy, about my age, behind me with a gun, he grabs me around my neck, pulls me to him and covers my mouth, i try to scream but nothing comes out


zayns POV


when savannah tells us someone is on the bus, we start walking, when we get up to them louis runs inside and i hear him punch someone, i turn around to protect savannah but she isn't there, she is being pulled back by a boy about her age

"savannah" i run to her, i hear someone follow, before we get to her, the kid puts a gun to her head

"come any closer ill shoot her" he shouts, two big guys come out of one of the busses with louis tied up and a gun to his head, the guy not holding louis walks towards me, i back away quickly and run into niall, we both fall to the ground

"leave them" the kid says as the tall man puts his foot on my throat, he backs away

"we only need these two" the kid picks savannah up and walks away, he throws her over his shoulder and walks around the corner, harry and liam run up to us

"what happened" liam pulls me to my feet, im speechless as my eyes fill with tears, still looking where they disappeared with savannah and louis, i can hear niall crying

"zayn" harry comes around front of me and shakes my shoulders

"they took her, i couldn't help her because the kid had a gun to her head ok" i scream, harry looks shocked, i hug him tight and cry into his shirt, we stand there for what seems like an hour

"come on lads, lets go find paul and get back to England" liam says walking back to the bus with niall, i look one last time at the ally where savannah and louis were taken


savannahs POV


after the boy threw me in the back of the van, they put louis across from me, we were tied to the wall to where it hurt too much to move

"are you ok" louis asks me when the van starts moving, all i can do is nod, a tear falls down my cheek at the memory of zayn trying to save me, he moves closer to me

"you wanna talk" i stare into his blue eyes, his smile makes me smile, but i shake my head and lean my head against his shoulder, i feel his head on mine, then i remember the pocket knife zayn gave me before we left the hospital, i scoot back and try to shift my body so i can get into my front pocket, i manage to pull it out and open it, i struggle to saw the rope binding my hands to a hook on the wall of the van, i get my hands free and go straight to get louis hands untied, after i cut his ropes he rubs his wrists

"im ok, you" i answer his question from earlier, he nods and hugs me, i hug him back

"im glad zayn gave you that knife" he says quietly so they people up front wont hear him

"i am too, now how do we get out of here" i whisper

"we can try to open the back right here" he says looking for a place to open it, i help him, then i see a button up pretty high above our heads that has a picture of the back open, i nudge him still looking at the button, he follows my gaze and begin to reach for it

"wait, they will see you" i hold his arm back

"don't worry, ill be fast" i nod, he shoots his hand up and pushes the button and pulls it back down, there are four little beeps as the thing opens, the boy comes back here and grabs my hair

"let me go" i try to pull his hands off of my hair as louis punches him, he backs off and lets go of my hair, i see the cars next to us, i jump out and louis grabs my hand and jumps out with me, we roll on the ground a few feet

"we made it" louis says as he hugs me, i see the van pull over, we hurry to the side of the freeway and run the opposite way, the four big guys and the boy get out and chase us

"run" louis starts running still holding my hand, we run as fast as we can until we find a place close enough to the ground that we can jump, its about a twenty foot drop and the five of them closing in fast, he jumps and hits the ground

"jump, ill catch you" i hop over the edge as the boy reaches for my arm, his hand collects in mine but slips as the weight of my body pulls on him, i fall into louis arms

"come on, lets go" i urge as lou sets me down

"good idea" we run as the boy and his friends jump after us

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