change my mind

when a girl grown up in a quiet, country life style, savannah gets a one in a life time opportunity to meet the biggest boy band in the world and fall in love


3. get well present


if you like my book so far im really sorry if you were getting impatient with me to publish a new chapter, friends and family have really kept me busy this summer, so i apologize and i hope you forgive me, ill try to keep up from now on as much as possible, thanks, and if you don't like how its going so far wait and see, and this is my first movella so sorry if you don't like it

vanvan (savannah)



savannahs POV

when i wake up the room is really bright and it hurts my eyes to open them, so i open them slowly and get used to the increasing amount of light shining in my face, when my eyes fully adjust and all the way open i see that im in the hospital bed with thousands of wires and tubes connecting me to lots of machines, i start freaking out and scream, a few seconds later a doctor comes in and stops me from trying to pull every single tube and wire out of me, he tells me to calm down several times and walks out of the room, my heart is beating a mile a second, i sit up in the bed and watch the door expecting the doctor to walk back in with a sedater to put me back to sleep(or what ever those things are called), instead he walks in followed by Jordan, Jordan runs up to me and hugs me so tightly i can hardly breathe.

"i thought you would be dead by the time i got you here i was so worried about you, if you died i would've blamed myself for the rest of my life." he said hugging me again. "mom and dad had gone back to work an hour ago so they'll be here to see you tonight, and i bought you these while you were still asleep from the store down the street, i hope you like them," he says handing me a box neatly wrapped and sealed. i rip the wrapping off and open a box about the size of my hand to find a ticket and backstage pass to the one direction concert next month. i could tell Jordan knew i was happy, i guess he thought i was about to scream because i was, i hugged him so tight he had pushed away from me like i almost had to do him.

"OMG thank you thank you thank you so much this is awesome, but how am i gonna walk 20 miles to LA." i say  a little confused." that would take almost a day to walk."

" there's no way im letting you walk to or from school anymore without me, so of course im driving you, mom and dad will give you enough money to stay in a hotel of your choice the night after the concert then i will come and pick you up the next day, ok?" he says looking at me with his flirty smirk he always gives me when he is excited for me.

"ok, i cant wait im so excited!!!" i scream, and practically jump up and down in the hospital bed.


Jordans POV

i could tell savannah was really excited had to grab her shoulders to make her stop bouncing on the bed. i couldn't help laughing about how excited she was about going to a one direction concert, i wonder if she'll get any autographs from the guys, i wonder when she'll figure out im almost best friends with them.




Savannahs POV

im going to the concert next week and today is the last day of school, only two more hours until im free and can start preparing for the concert and picking out a hotel to stay in that night, i wonder if the guys will like me, i wonder what they'll think of my scars and new fear of being alone? i ask myself on a piece of paper, its English class and nobody really pays attention to our gay teacher Mr. lethal, no wonder how he got that name for a teacher who reached into a girls bra to get her phone, pervert. i sit in the very back of the class where all the cool kids are, i think that they want to be my friends, but are afraid to lose they're popularity. i only have one friend and he moved away, he was pretty popular and was not afraid to talk to me in front of his popular friends. that's what i liked about him, he was really cute too, but i will never see him again, his name was kayden, he was awesome.


the bell rings and apparently i was daydreaming about him for two hours, so i walk outside and see Jordan waiting in his car talking to Hailey and Amber, those were two of the people who hated me the most, the only reason they talked to me was to get to know my brother. i walk over to the car and get in the passenger seat, he says goodbye to them and drives away.

" do you know those two?" Jordan asks as we pull out of the parking lot.

" yeah," i say with a sigh," but they hate my guts, the only reason they talk to me is so they might get to talk to you more." i look over and see him smile and start laughing a little. "what's so funny!" i say smacking his arm.

"nothing, except that's exactly what some of the people i know do, they like you." he says looking at me for a second then focuses back on the road. " its really weird that we both have that experience with each other. so you ready for the concert next week?" he asks as his phone rings, he picks it up and answers it. he stays on the phone for a few minutes so i just watch everything go by and think that i will never look at anything the same after i meet one direction.

he puts his phone down and just looks at me with an evil smile on his face. "what happened!?!?!?" i ask afraid, "what did you do" i look at him as he drives with that smile the whole ride home.

when we get in the house he drags me over to the couch and sits down next to me. "what if i told you..." he pauses and looks into my eyes, "that i was able to give you a chance to go on tour with one direction for the summer...around the world?" my mouth drops and i scream and jump around and run around and eventually come back to Jordan and jump on his lap and hug him for a long time, he holds me in the way he always does to calm me down, he strokes my hair and kind of rocks me back and forth a little bit until my breathing goes back to normal, and my heartbeat slows down to normal. i get up and smile so hard my face starts to hurt, "thank you, how did you..." i stop and look at him and smile.

"im friends with the guys, that's who i was talking to on the way home." he says letting go of my arm, i hug him again and run upstairs and scream into my pillow, grab my phone off of the dresser and text Kayden the news, he is really excited for me and said he was taking his sister to the same concert and staying in the same hotel in the room right next to mine, now i had something else to look forward to, seeing my best friend again and meeting the biggest boy band of all time. :)

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