change my mind

when a girl grown up in a quiet, country life style, savannah gets a one in a life time opportunity to meet the biggest boy band in the world and fall in love


10. fixing things

savannahs POV


after niall and liam pulled me out of my hiding place they tied me up so i couldn't hit zayn or anyone else when the brought me back in the other bus, i screamed as they throw me down next to zayn

"now, you two are going to make up, and soon, you got it" we looked at each other and nodded

"good, now, zayn, put your arm around savannah" i looked at zayn with a death stare

"she's gonna kill me"

"just do it" louis snaps, he looks at me as he puts his arm around me

"pull her close" harry says sweetly

"she's gonna bite me, i know she will" harry looks at me

"ill try but no promises" he pulls me closer to him, harry sits on the other side of zayn, and lou next to me so i cant run again

"now can you tell each other you love them" louis asks pushing me closer to zayn, i try to get free and bite him, harry grabs my legs and puts them over zayns lap, i try to kick him, but he pins my feet down and sits on them

"can we leave now" zayn complains, louis takes the arm not around me and rips the bandages off

"does this look like you can leave" he unties my hands and pulls up my arm and compares them to each other

"both of you are cutting, zayn almost killed himself, and savannah was torturing herself" he pulls up my sleeve to see all the cuts on my arms, he shows them all the cuts on my stomach and lower legs, zayn looks at me surprised, i stick my tongue out at him and look away

"savannah, that wasn't very nice" liam looks at me, i roll my eyes, they all look at me, i give up, i look at zayn and give him a fake smile, when i look away louis slaps me in the face, everyone is shocked, zayn pushes him as i start to cry, he hit me hard, zayn holds me tight, even though i don't want him to i accept it and cry into his shirt

"that was so uncalled for, why did you hit her so hard" niall bursts out

"because she deserves it, zayn loves her, and she is acting.." i push everyone out, i feel the stinging of my right cheek as tears roll down it, zayn picks me up and takes me in the other room and sits on the bed and strokes my hair, i put my arms around him and cry, he sings irresistible, and rocks back and forth, when he finishes i lookup at him, he wipes a tear away as he looks at my cheek

"its ok, he just got mad, and its my fault"

"no its not, i should have told you from the beginning, i dumped perrie, i love you more, and i cant stand to lose you" he starts crying, i smile and go to the bathroom

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