change my mind

when a girl grown up in a quiet, country life style, savannah gets a one in a life time opportunity to meet the biggest boy band in the world and fall in love


2. end of an awkward day

 savannahs P.O.V           since Jordan cant pick me up from school because of his doctors appointment im forced to walk 5 miles home and then we go horseback riding with our parents, i pull out my droid to see what time it is, its 3:50 and we go riding at 5:30, so i have plenty of time to walk the other two miles home.

while i walk i see a coyote, which looks a lot like he one that tried to kill me before, it is blind where Manny kicked him a couple months ago, same left eye and everything, when it sees me it looks coldly at me for a long time, it walks around me several times, it stops in front of me and jumps towards my face, i duck and run as fast as i can, soon after it starts chasing me more and more appear until there are like 50 of em, they gain on me quickly, and the house comes into view and Jordan's already home, the coyotes are just feet away and i start screaming my head off trying to get his attention, then a coyote pushes me to the ground as multiple jump on me, i scream as the demons claw me and bite me, i decide that im going to die as i lay here helpless to the coyotes, i close my eyes and all the pain goes away as im pulled into a bright light.

Jordan's P.O.V.


i run out of the house with dads rifle shooting the coyotes attacking my sister, when i get over there all of them run off into the rocks,  i shoot the rifle a couple more time just to make sure that they're gone, i throw the strap over my shoulder and mend to savannah as much as i can before i take her to the hospital, i wrap her side with my shirt, leaving me with only a man tank and my jeans and black convers, i pick savannah up and run for the car, i drive as fast as i can until i reach the city, i go slightly over the speed limit to get her to the hospital that's about five minutes away from the city limits, i rush through traffic and speed into the parking lot and literally ran her inside. a doctor came out a few seconds later with a gernie to take her into immediate surgery, i call mom and dad and tell them to meet me at banner Charles hospital ASAP.

about an hour later mom and dad come running in and meet me in the waiting room, i hug them with tears streaming down all of our faces, it was terrible, i have never cried so hard since i broke my leg on a skateboarding accident.


a few minutes later the doctor walks out and tells mom and dad that savannah will be ready to go home in two or three days in time.



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