change my mind

when a girl grown up in a quiet, country life style, savannah gets a one in a life time opportunity to meet the biggest boy band in the world and fall in love


4. concert day

if you like my story like it and  give me more ideas plzzzzzzz, i cant think of any at all...not even a start, so if you could help me out that would be great, and if you want me to read you're stories just comment  you're book title and ill try to get to it as soon as i can.


Jordans POV

i wake up to the sound of thumping upstairs so i think its mom and dad coming home from work late, but when i look at my clock its 3:47, so i go upstairs to savannahs room and find her running around her room looking for clothes and her shoes.

"what are you doing, do you know what time it is?" i ask her still rubbing my eyes.

"looking for my charger and extra case" she says tossing things out of her closet onto the bottom bunk of her bed. "i cant find anything" she says running to her bed side cabinets that i built for her after she got a lot of new things for Christmas last year. she runs back to her closet and finally pulls out both of the things she kept looking for.

"now will you stop making noise so i can sleep?" i asked tiredly.

"ya, sorry" she turns the light off and climbs into bed, i walk downstairs about to go into my room when i see a black figure in the kitchen, its not very big and its sitting on the counter top next to the fridge, i walk over to it quietly and see its furry, it looks like a cat, i pick it up and see its the cat savannah got last week from mom and dad after the accident, i forgot we even had one til now.

i put the cat down where it was and walk back to my room, before i close the door the cat runs in and lays down on the bed next to where i sleep, i laugh and lay down next to the black fat cat and go to sleep with the cat purring under my arm.


savannahs POV


when i wake up the sun is rising and i go downstairs to see mom and dad have left to go to work early again, i go to the kitchen to make me and Jordan pancakes, eggs, and bacon, im done in a half an hour and Jordans still not up, so i go to his room to wake him up when i see the cat sitting up next to him watching the door, he comes over to me when i walk closer, he rubs against my leg and i pick him up with a groan,

 "you're a fat kitty but you're soo cute" i say as i put him down and walk over to Jordans bed, he has cat fur all over him, i nudge his shoulder and he moves but doesn't wake up, i yank the covers off of him and sit on his back until he tries to hit me, then i pull his big butt onto the floor and run into the kitchen, he soon comes running in here and chases me around until he finally catches me, i give it up and go eat at the table.

we eat in silence, Jordan looks tired and has a severe bed head, his shaggy brown hair is everywhere and strands are hanging in his face covering his bright blue eyes. his face down and eating slower than usual.

"you ok Jordan?" i ask him in a concerned tone. he doesn't reply, i can see something's wrong, but i cant tell what, i can see him looking down like he's looking at his phone under the table, so i purposely drop my fork under the table, he jumps and drops whatever he was holding, i get under there first and grab his phone and look at all of the things people posted about him on Facebook and twitter, i give him his phone back, pick up my fork and go get another one from the dishwasher, i walk around the table and hug him, "those were terrible things they said about you, but just ignore it, i get worse things said to me in front of my face, believe me, its worse  in person." i say kneeling down on the floor next to him, he looks up at me and i can tell he's been holding back tears, i give him a big hug, he returns it and he just starts crying like I've never seen him cry before, then the cat comes up to us and i realize we hadn't named him yet, i turn to Jordan and say in his ear, "do you want to name the act for me? i cant think of anything." i try to release from the hug but he pulls me in tighter as we sit on the floor next to the table, i can feel my shoulder as his tears are penetrating my shirt, i hug him tight for a long time, i wait patiently for him to stop crying, when he finally does his face is red and tears stained on his face.

" im sorry i just couldn't stop." he says starting to cry again, i put my hand on his shoulder and start to sing,'he calms down when someone sings to him' i remember my mother say once when i was little, the last time i heard him cry was years ago, i sing how to save a life by the fray, his favorite song, by the time I've finished singing the song he looks at me with shock on his tear stained face.

"you never told me you were such an amazing singer." he says starting to laugh, at least i cheered him up.

"what are you talking about im not that good." i argue as he gets up and sits in his chair, i get up and walk over to my chair and finish eating, i feel bad for Jordan, i wonder how many times this has happened before


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