never would have thought*

nichole & her best friends find that there life is about to change with in days :o


6. two weeks later

 A/N sorry i havent updated ive been busy hope this makes up for it 

two weeks later 

naills pov

hey do i finally asked Nichole to go on a date with me and she said yes im so happy im on my way to get her now .

Nicholes pov 

" dose this look ok " i ask my mom as im walking down the stairs wearing a green strapless shirt and some wight shorts with my pink anf gray vans " honey you look wonderful where is naill taking you " my mom asked looking up from her laptop " umm not sure yet i know we are going out to eat not sure where tho " i told her running back up stairs " what are you doing now it 12:30 didnt you say he was coming at 1 " my mom yells at the bottom of the stairs " to fixs my hair im not done and if he comed early just till him to come up stairs in my room " i yelled back down to my mom  (knock knock knock)i run down stairs to answer it when i see my mom an the door telling naill to come in " hey you look amazing " he looks at me and smiles  "thanks your not so bad either " i tell him laughing a little "are you almost ready " "umm yeahh you can come up here with me while i finish if you want "


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