never would have thought*

nichole & her best friends find that there life is about to change with in days :o


3. the talk

nicholes pov 

"byyeee" lauren says when see gets out of the car " byyyeee love " i yell out the window as i drive away from her house . i go home real fast to get some stuff then i head to zayns i text him and i tell him ill be there in like 5 mins then deside to call austen so we can talk (ring ring ring ) "hello " i hear austen say on the other line " hey you told me to call you cause we needed to talk" i say kindda warryed 

austen : yeah i need to tell you something

me : umm ok what is it

austen : i kinda did something really bad cause i heard that you did something 

me : austen what did you do and what did you hear  that i did 

austen : that you kissed luke 

me : i would never were did u hear that ( i was about readdy to yell)

austen : luke 

me : wow wait what did you do! 

austen : i slept with amber

me: oh wow bye austen 

austen ; nichole wai

phone call ended 

oh my god why would he do that . i got to zayns house ran and went to the door and knocked by this time  i was crying so hard and needed my best friend zayns mom answered the door "hi sweety whats wrong " zayns mom said " is zayn home " "yeah baby he is in his room " i ran upstaris and knocked on zayns door he then said to come in and i opened  the door closed it and just feel to my knees crying zayn ran to me " babe are you ok . what happen " " au" i couldnt speek i was heart broken " nichole what happend " i toke  a deep breath and told him everything i told hom how luke told austen i kissed him them how Austen told me that he was mad and slepted with amber the one thats on my cheerleading team the one who tried to take my spot as caption this year and cryed even more and all of the sudden i feel my phone go off i checked it and saw that amber had posted " had a great time talks w/ austen " i started crying even harder and zayn grabbed my phone saw the podt "babe dont cry he is not wreath it he is stupid for cheatting on you " zayn wraped his arms around me and held me tell i feel asleep.

zayns pov

it was 2am and nichole was still over at my house i texted her mom and told her everything that happen and that she was sleeping and didn't want to wake her i picked her up and put her on the bed and went to tell my mom about what happend and asked if it was ok " sure babe she is like family are home is her home just dont stay up to late you have a game tomorrow " my mom was so understanding and plus nichole really was like family we stayed with each other all the time we have every class together we are like twins only im a mouth older. i walked back in my  room to find that she was a wake again and was looking at her phone crying i went to set beside her " what is it love " i asked hoping it was going to be something i could fix she didnt say a thing and just looked at me and gave me her phone she was looking at a text from austen it said "  babe i feel so bad for  telling you i cheating on you' i sock my head and and put her phone on my dresser and layed beside her and she layed on myy chest and cryed even more i felt so bad she cryed all night it was 6am and we got maybe 5 hours of sleep.

nicholes pov

i woke up in zayns bed it was 6 am i looked around and zzayn was already ready to go " come on ill drive you to your hpuse so you can get dressed and ready and then ill drive us to school in your car " i hear zayn say as he gave my my phone back i didnt even wanna look at it i put it in my pocket and we went down stars and out the door to my car . 

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