never would have thought*

nichole & her best friends find that there life is about to change with in days :o


5. the prep rally

laurens pov

 it was 2:30 and they had just called the cheerleaders and football players to get ready for the prep rally i meet up with nichole and wwe walk to the gym . " love are you feeling anybetter have you talked to austen sence last night " i ask hoping she would smile " im fine " she snapped at me and walked away to talk to couch tally about her cheers  " hey how is she is she doing anybetter" zayn and liam as me before getting dressed " she says shes fine but she didnt eat lunch or talk all day '' i was really starting to get warryed about her .....

nicholes pov 

 "alright girls lets line up" couch tally says as people start to come in the gym . we start are dance and i look and she amber talking to lauren and i try not to get mad cause its not wearth it so i just do what i do best . every one finally gets in the gym and are principal gose to the mike "good afternoon " and like always we all scream we are glad cause school is almost over. " we are very glade yall joined us " he dose this big speech will us cheerleaders get the banered ready and the football players are getting readdy to come out . " and  now the panthers " mr pelhame yells really loud and we get up and me and marry are on tope holding it up and the run out every one gose wild are football team is really good so everyone comes to the prep reallys and games ........

nialls pov

we all run out of the locker room and into the middle and zayn gives a speech of some sort about how we will win and wont let them down . i wasn't really lessioning i was to busy staring at Nichole and her cuteness ive liked nichole for about a year now but she has always been dating austin off and on or another guy and i never get the time to tell her how i feel not even zayn knows i mean ive tryed telling him to but it dosent work out the way i plane it . " hey niall you ok " i hear harry say " yeahh im fine just thinking about hoe to get someone to notice me " we was walking tords the bleachers now so the cheer leaders could do there dance and the varsity could do there cheer that they are taking to one of those cheer contest things.

harrys pov

we walked to are seats and i was still talking to niall and trying to find out who he was looking at and who he was trying to get to notice him and try to help him but he wouldn't tell me i even told him i would pay him but nothing " fine then be that way mate " i was mad cause he wouldn't tell me so i just went and talked to zayn " hey mate what you thinking about" he was looking at something just didn't know what " oh just worried about Nichole she stayed up all night crying last night she is not taking Austen cheating on her that grate they have been on and off for about 2 years now but she has never cried this much when the broke up" he explained to me i felt bad for Nichole too i mean we have watched her and Austen brake up and get back together since they meet and Nichole deserves somebody that will treat her right unlike Austen . " oh mate that sucks did she stay at your house last night " "yeahh she did she was to upset to go drive and just needed somebody to be there for her and i guess i was always there for here in  the past so she came to me pluse she was coming to my house to study and do homework anyways so " " yeahh y'all are so close " 

Austen pov 

i was setting there thinking about how bad i hurt nichole and how i missed her i wish i never would have done that i think i might have lost the best thing in my life " yeahh she was crying all night last night she is really hurt and taking it this hard " i heard zayn tell harry what have i done i need to talk to her and try to fix it some how she dosent deserve to hurt she is so pretty an di know her better then any  guy would .....

nicholes pov 

the pep rally was finaly over and we had 2 hours till the game and i wanted to go home an cry my eyes out just me my self and i . i walked to niall ,harry, zayn, louis, and liam to talk to them before i went home " hey love you did great " liam said coming to give me a huge " yeahh you was " i heard louis scream " thanks " i tokd them both laughing " you laughed , i guess your feeling a little better love ." zayn said giving me a huge i want to start crying right then but i didnt " not really " " it will get better '' i hear niall say smiling at me then harry looked at naill really weird and pulled him a way form every one . " hey well ima go home tell the game and maybe cry my eyes out " i looked at zayn and gave him a weak smile " alright love call me if you need annything and dont cry he is not worth your tears " zayn laim and louis came and huged me " ill try my best " i smiled and said my good byes and started walking to my car . i look around to see if i could see lauren to tell her i was leaving and ask if she wanted a ride home but them i saw austin coming close to me and started walking faster to my car " nichole stop wait we need to talk " austen yelled i stoped like a retard when i know i shouldnt have stoped and should have just keep walking " about what austen " i terned around to face him "about us" " there is no us austen you cheated and im not taking you back no matter how much it hurts to not be with you " " look nichole im sorry i really am i love you and miss you " no stop austen thats not going to work this time good bye " i yelled and walked to my car crying and when i got in my car everyone was staring at me . 

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