never would have thought*

nichole & her best friends find that there life is about to change with in days :o


4. that morning

nicholes pov 

we got to my house and my mom was making breakfest i went to my room to get dressed and readdy and zayn talked to my mom i went in my room slamed the door and went to my bed and put my cheerleading outfit on and put my hair in a messy bun like i always do on game day and fixed my make up by the time i was done it was 7am i went down stars and gave my mom a huge " babe im so sorry i widh you would have came to me i would have help'' she said in her motherly voise " soory mom just really needed my best friend " "alright well ill see you at you game tonight" we said are good byes and left " hey zayn dont forget we have to get lauren " i told zayn as he was deiving away from my house and tords laurens we got to laurens house and she jumbed in not a word to say it was silent we got to school and the frist persion i saw was amber and then i saw austen " nichole it will be ok i promise everything will get better" zayn keep saying to try to get me to not think about them but when i got out of the car the first persion to come up to me or tryed was austen but zayn ran a stoped " man stop you hurt her anough" i heard zayn say right as i past them and lauren was trying to keep up with me so i didnt start anything with amber i saw her and stoped right at her " i hope you get pergnet and kicked off the tam you stupid hoe " i said am lauren was trying to pull me away " you souldnt  sleep with a guy who has a girl friend slut thats how u get punched " i yelled as zayn ran to help pull me away from her . " Nichole my office now " i heard couch tally say as we walked past her i looked at zayn and zayn looked at me and walked to class as i walked with couch tally to her office " set down '' she said very calm as she sat in her seat " so i hear things going around school and you look like you was about to fight amber do i need to be envalved " she said has if she was my mom " i want to hit amber in the face but i wont because i dont wanna lose my spot as caption " i told her " why do you wanna hit her" coucjh tally asked and looked at amber who was at the window i looked at amber and yellet " cause that slut slept with my boyfriend " and i yelled it loud  enough for amber to hear me and she slamed open couch tallys door and yelled " its not my fought you boy didnt want you and plus who calling a slut " " amber get out now " couch tally yelled and we talked for 10 more  mins and told me to go to class and to  not go around amber or to talk to her and if amber said anything to me to tell her and shell take care of it . 

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