never would have thought*

nichole & her best friends find that there life is about to change with in days :o


1. Nichole & her friends

nicholes pov 

"nichole whats 2 ( 5+10) '' mrs.hallerd asked me of course she would ask me " umm its 30 " i tell her i wasnt sure if it was right or didnt care i just wanted to be out of this class ( ding dong ding) the bell had just went off witch meant lunch time . everyone got up and started at the door " ok kids dont forget you have a test on friday " mrs.hallerd said  gosh i hate test i meet up with my friends and my boy friend Austen. my friends niall , zayn ,harry, Louis ,laim ,Callie and Lauren all seat at are table and austen comes and joins us. "  hey what are we doing in math " liam asked me and zayn cuz we both just came out of math " nothing really just review" me and zayn say at the same time and every one laughs cuz we always do that . me and zayn are like twins ive known him sense 3rd grade when we had are first class together and he moved into my neighborhood ever since we have been best friends .

austens pov

i set down by nichole and her friends like i have been doing since we started dateing 3 mounths ago and its me then nichole and zayns right beside her and beside him is callie then infront of her is niall and then laim and then Louis and then harry and then Lauren  id in front of me  "what are we doing in math " i hear liam ask nichole and zayn and like always they answer at the same time the same thing and everyone laughs but me i dont think its funny i think its wierd and i dont really like how nichole and zayn are so close and always hang out i mean every time i text her she is always with him they hang out more then me and nichole do and i think its stupid " austen whats wrong " i hear nichole ask me " oh nothing babe " i dont tell her alot of things cuz i dont wanna hurt her " are u sure " she ask and looks at me like she alwys dose when she trys to get something out of me i smile at her and kiss her on the lips "im sure babe " i tell her and and smile .

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