never would have thought*

nichole & her best friends find that there life is about to change with in days :o


2. later that day

nicholes pov

 " nichole lets go where going to be late and have to do extra laps " i hear Lauren say " alright go ahead ill be there in a mint " i tell her " babe you don't wanna be late " Austen  says will still holding on to my wast " i know but your holding my wast " i tell him laughing " oh yeah " he says laughing and lets go of me and kisses me on the lips one last time "ill text you when i get out of pratice ok " " ok babe bye " bye " i walk in to the gym and thank the god my cheer couch is not in there yet so i run to lauren and start stretching  with her. " alright girls 2 laps " mrs.tally had just walked in and of course we had to do laps . we do are laps and go to the middle and since me and marry are the captains we lead the stretches " right splits " marry says "left split" i say "middle "mrs.tally says we all stretch and then split in two JV and Varsity im the caption for varsity cause and marry is caption of JV me and marry don't get along that well because she thinks she is better then me and everyone else. " alright guys we need to pratcie all the ones all dont know that good so we can do good for the prep rally and the game tommorow " mrs. tally tells all of us and we start are cheers ......... it was finally 5:30 and it was over me and lauren went and got in my car and drove to are tumbing  class that started at 6:00 

Zayns pov 

" lets go guys " couch massy says it was already 5:45 and practice didnt end tell 6:00 we had a game tomorrow and he was working us hard like always but austen was acting weird . i hope him and nichole are ok cause nichole is like my little sister and if he hurt her i would kill him " zayn lets go " couch massy said then we started the play i was the runner back and austen was the  qourter back 

nicholes pov

it was 7:15 and tumbling was over finally and i was so tierd and i checked my phone and had a messge from austen : hey when you get a chance call me we need to talk 

" is every thing ok " lauren asked " umm not sure austen told me too call him when i can cause we need to talk ?" i told lauren as we was getting in my car " wounder what is wrong " lauren said " yeahh me too " i texted austen as soon as i got in the car me : hey im on my way to  drop lauren at her house then going to zayns for a little ill call you when i get to zayns house ok is something wrong ?" 

A/n : what dose austen want to talk to nichole about and what well happen next youll have to read the next chapter to find out ..........

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