Haley is a 16 year old girl who is dating Niall, from One Direction. This story begins before they go on X- Factor. Haley and Niall have been dating for six months now. Things will change their lives forever. Is Niall ready for this change? What if he changes?


8. The Call

    >>Niall's P.O.V.<<

    I just got off stage performing Torn with my new group.  Simon Cowell put us together because he thought we would make a good boy band.  I only got two yeses at the audition and apparently so did a couple other lads in the new boy band, One Direction.  The other lads are really nice and funny.  We've been doing video diaries on the stairs in X-Factor house.  Louis, one of the lads, is super funny.  We usually answer questions fans have.  Yes, I said fans.  It's so weird how we have fans.  I'm just another teenage lad.  I like being in a group.  It's so fun! 

    "Niall Horan?" I hear someone say from behind stage.

    I turn around and say yes.  A guy hands me a phone and says,"call for you."

    "Hello...?" I say not knowing who would be calling me. 

    "Ni?" A quiet sweet voice says on the other end of the phone.  It's Haley.  I haven't talked to her in...since we broke up. 

    "Haley?  What's going on?  Haven't talked to you in a while."

    "Niall, I have to tell you something important."

    "Oh, okay, you can tell me anything, love," I say kinda concerned now.

    There was a long pause on her side of the phone and for a minute I thought she hung up, but then I heard her mom in the background say," You said you would tell him."  I couldn't really hear with everyone talking backstage so I told the boys I would be back and went in the lobby.  

    "Okay, Niall. . ." she says quietly.  You wait for her to finish.  "Remember when you were over and we were in my room almost three months ago?"

    I can't even remember what I had for breakfast and she wants me to think back.  Even though you don't remember, you say," Yeah, what 'bout it, love?"

   "Um. . . I'm pregnant." 

    I hear those words and freeze.  But how?  We used protection.  I remember going to the store for that and got Nando's too.  I remember that day now,"You're w-what?"

    "I'm pregnant.  And I know it's yours.  You are the only person I have ever done that with and I wanna keep it that way."

    "O-okay. . .um. . .what am I suppose to do about this?  I'm kinda in the middle of X- Factor.  Just can't get up and leave."

    "And i'm not saying to have to leave.  I just wanted to tell you.  If you don't want any part of it's life, I would understand."

    "You're keeping it?  But you're 16.  You can't take care of a baby at 16,"I say still freaking out.  My heart is pounding.  

    "Yes, my mom is gonna help me.  So, do you want any part?"

    "Um. . .I don't know.  This is kinda of a shock to me.  I guess I need to think about it, okay?" 

    "Okay, well have fun."

    "Bye,"I say and then I hear the phone go dead on her end.  I just stand there staring at the ground.  I don't know if I should be sad or mad or happy.  I just sit against the wall and put my head in my hands.  I start to feel tears going down my cheeks. 

    After a while, I hear,"Niall?  You out here?  Niall?"  It's Louis' voice.  I don't want to look up and show my tear covered face.  "Niall?  What are you doin'?  What's wrong, mate?"  He comes over to me and puts his hand on my shoulder and sits next to me on the wall.  I still don't look up.  I try to wipe away the tears and look up to him.  He asks again what's wrong.  I just shake my head and say,"Nothing, mate, nothing.  Did everyone like our performance?"  I try and change the subject.

    "Yeah, but if you want to talk about whatever is going on, you can always talk to me or any of the lads for a matter of fact," he says standing up and smiling.  I stand up too and we walk back to where the boys are backstage.  I hand the phone back to the guy and go over to the lads.  They all look at me and know immediately know something's up, but they don't say anything.  Liam puts his arm around my shoulder and side hugs me.  I hug back.  I am so glad to have friends like these where they would do anything for you.  I love One Direction.  

    In the back of my head I am still freaking out.  Should I be in my baby's life or not?  I mean it is my kid, but i'm 16.  I can't take care of a baby at 16.  Oh, wait.  That's how Haley feels. . . Maybe I can.  I just to help, I just can't be there every second.  I know I do want to be there at it's birth.  Just because we broke up doesn't mean I still don't love her and wanna be with her.  



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