Haley is a 16 year old girl who is dating Niall, from One Direction. This story begins before they go on X- Factor. Haley and Niall have been dating for six months now. Things will change their lives forever. Is Niall ready for this change? What if he changes?


2. Perfect

    >>Niall's P.O.V.<<


    "It's okay, don't be scared, Princess," I say with my forehead on hers,"I'll help you through it."

    "I don't think I should, Niall,"Haley says backing away.  I wrap your arms around her and pull her close.  I kiss her lips.  Every time we kiss, I feel like sparks fly. I keep kissing her so she can't talk.  I love kissing her.  I love her.  It's only been six months, but I know someday I will marry her.  

    "Niall, I can't," she says pulling away.

    "Yes you can, babe.  It's okay."  I didn't know if I was ready now that I thought about it.  What she not ready either?  I drop your arms from around her and lean back on the headboard.  I know if I did do this, I would loose my virginity.  It was a scary thought.  


    >>Haley's P.O.V<<


    I know I;m aren't ready for that level yet.  Am I?  I never really thought about it.  I hadn't really realized this time would ever come.  I love Niall, but is he ready?  I will be ready if he is.  

    "Okay, Niall, I. . . I think I'm ready if you are. . ." I say shyly.  

    "Oh?  Really?" Niall says shockingly, looking up with a crooked smile.  

    "Yes, I think so, but you have to promise to wear protection.  I would be killed if I got pregnant."

    "Okay!" He says jumping off the bed and walking out of the room.  

    "Where are you going?" I ask following him down the hall.  

    "The store to get protection!!  Be back soon!"

    About 20 minutes later, I hear Niall's feet bounding up the stairs to my room.  I am just laying on my bed wearing shorts and one of Niall's jumpers.  I was paying more attention to the fact that I am about to loose my v-card that I didn't notice Niall had come in with three bag from the store and a take home back from Nando's, his favorite place ever.  I look at him confused when I get out of my daze.

    "Niall. . .?  I thought you were just getting one thing?"

    "Well, that was gonna be really awkward so I had to get other stuff too.  I got mostly food.  But then I figured we would be hungry after so I got some Nando's," he says smiling and setting everything down.  He takes a box out of one of the bags and take something out of the box.  He said be right back and went into the bathroom.  After a couple minutes, I look up and see a quite sexy Niall leaning on my bathroom doorway in only blue boxers.  I have never seen him in just boxer, not even a swimsuit.  His chest was bare and I could see a six-pack on it.  He winks at me and does a half smile.

    "Are you trying to kill me, Niall?"  I say slipping off the bed.  

    "No, but is it working?"

    "Yes!" I say walking over to him.  He drops him arms from being crossed in front of him.  I put my hands on his chest and lean in to a kiss as he puts his hands on my lower back.


    >>No one's P.O.V.<< 


    After a five minute snog,  Niall moves his hands under Haley's shirt and up her back to her bra strap.  He takes her shirt off.  He pushes her up against the wall of her bedroom and kisses her neck down to her collarbone.  Haley lets out a soft moan and sets her head on the wall and closes her eyes.  He goes down and kisses down her stomach.  While kissing, he unbuttons and takes off Haley's shorts.  He comes up and pulls her legs up around his waist.  Haley wraps her hands in Niall's hair and they french kiss to the bed.

    Once they reach the bed,  Niall lays her down and takes her bra off.  He massages her breasts and keeps kissing her.  Haley can't help but moan louder.  Niall smiles.  Haley can feel his shaft grow hard through his boxers.  She takes his boxers off and pumps it.  Niall groans.  Neither of them know what they are doing.  

    While pumping, Niall manages to take off Haley's underwear and throw them on the floor.  Both are completely nude on each other.  

    "Are you for sure you are ready for this?" Niall asks one last time before going in.  

    Haley nods and looks at his face.  He kisses you and slowly goes up and in.  Haley screams once it goes in.  Both Niall and Haley moan and groan.  Niall slowly goes in and out.  The pain finally goes away after about an hour or so.


    >>Niall's P.O.V<<


    I walk up to the sound of my phone going off.  When I lean to get it,  I realize I am completely commando laying next to Haley, who is also commando.  I realize what we had done.  I lost my virginity.  Her dark hair is laying over her sleeping face.  You grab your phone and see who it is.  Mom- 'Niall, you need to come home soon. Sent at 5:30pm.'  I look at the clock. 7:00pm.  Oh, crap!  

    "Princess," I whisper in Haley's ear,"It's time to get up.  I got to go."

    She slowly wakes up and turns to me.  She smiles and I smile back,"My mom told me to come home at 5:30.  It's 7:00!  I have to go!" 

    "Oh my god!  I'm so sorry, Niall!" she says sitting up with the sheets around her.  I get up and throw my clothes on.  Once I get dressed, I kiss Haley one last time before I leave.  As I leave, I hear her say,"Thank you Horan, that was great.  I wouldn't have done that with anyone else.  I love you, Niall."

    "I love you too, Haley," I say blowing a kiss and head downstairs and out the door.  

    As soon as I leave, I already miss her.  Her hazel eyes.  Her chocolate colored hair.  Her perfect smile.  Her beautiful face.  Her everything.  I smile as I walk home.   

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