Haley is a 16 year old girl who is dating Niall, from One Direction. This story begins before they go on X- Factor. Haley and Niall have been dating for six months now. Things will change their lives forever. Is Niall ready for this change? What if he changes?


1. Lazy Day

     >>Haley's P.O.V.<<

    You and Niall have been dating six months and you have enjoyed every minute of it.  When you kiss, it's amazing and perfect.  

    Today, you have nothing to do so you decide to text Niall to come over

    You:  Hey!  What are you doing today?:)

    Baby<3<3:  Hanging out with you now babe:) I'll be over in ten minutes! xx 

    You decide to clean up your room a bit.  Your mom doesn't mind Niall coming over to the house.  She loves how you have found someone you like since you moved here.  When your mom and dad split up, you moved to Ireland with your mom and your younger sister, Nicole, stayed with your dad in New York.  You don't mind living here.  You never really connected with your dad anyways.  You haven't seen your sister in seven months.  You are suppose to go see her soon!  

    After you clean up your room, you head downstairs to tell your mom.  When you walk into the kitchen, mom is making lunch.

    "Hey mom!  Niall is gonna come over for a little bit, is that okay?" 

    "Sure!  That kid is so kind!  I'm leaving at 3 to go to work.  I'll be home around 11 or midnight," she says stirring macaroni and cheese.  Your mom is a nurse at the hospital.  She helps deliver babies and deals with all types of pregnant women, and teenagers.  You promised your mom all the time that you wouldn't get pregnant before you got married.  You were getting ready to sit down at the table when you hear the doorbell ring.  

    "I'll get it!" you say jumping up and running to the door.  When you open the door,  a tall blonde guy is standing there in a gray shirt and jeans.  He always looks so hot.  

    "Hey babe," he says hugging you tightly and kissing you,"I missed you so much."

    "Niall, you saw me yesterday," you say laughing. 

    "I know, but that's so long!  Do you have any food?"  Of course he wants food.  He is always hungry.  You and him walk into the kitchen and you grab him a plate.  

    "Hey Niall.  Nice seeing you again," your mom says serving lunch.

    "You too!" Niall says chowing down on lunch.


    You and Niall just finished watching Grease in your bedroom when your mom walks in,"I'm heading off to work!  Don't have too much fun!"

    "Bye mom!"

    "Bye Mrs. Jackson!"

    "Bye you too," she says closing the front door.

     As soon as your mom leave, you feel Niall's body move closer to you and his arm go around your lower back.  You scoot and lay your head on his shoulder.  You can feel his body heat through his shirt.  You feel Niall kiss the top of your head.  "You are so beautiful, babe," he says into your hair.  You can't help but smile.  You never felt beautiful until you met Niall.  You look up at him and look into his bright blue eyes.  He leans down and kisses your nose then on the lips.  You kiss back and put your hand on his cheek.  You feel his fingers start to go through your hair and mess it up.  You caress his cheek and move your hand to his neck.  His hand moves down to the back of your thigh and pulls you into his lap.  You are straddling him.  You feel his hands move to your back and under your shirt.  You know where this is probably going.

    "Niall," you say while he's still kissing you,"I can't.  Not yet."     



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